is officially here….
so thrilled that my image is on the cover
& many more of my photographs appear throughout her
beautiful new book…to celebrate i am giving away 2 copies….

leave a comment & i’ll pick 2 winners next week….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 05-2011 , 02:15PM
    Love, love, LOVE the cover if the inside it just as good i will keep my fingers and toes crossed to win this.

  2. Aug 06-2011 , 06:44AM
    incredible image! Cant wait to pick up the book!
  3. Aug 06-2011 , 05:11PM
    love her dresses. congrats!
  4. Aug 06-2011 , 10:22PM
    Reading your blog makes my world a softer, more contemplative place. I love the simple artistry of your work and would be delighted beyond words to win this book! Congratulations on getting the cover!
  5. Aug 07-2011 , 02:50AM
    I love Delphine Manivet!!
  6. Aug 07-2011 , 03:10PM
    Stunning (but no surprise!) Congrats on the book!
  7. Terri Barker:
    Aug 08-2011 , 11:00AM
    Love that picture! Pick me please!
  8. Aug 09-2011 , 06:02AM
    You two are just the perfect combination - breathtaking photos for breathtaking dresses
  9. Aug 09-2011 , 10:17AM
    Of course 'd love that book. Shoot, I'd love to have you in purse so that everytime I open it you would show me another lovely image of yours with a love song underneath.

  10. Aug 09-2011 , 02:02PM
    You are the most inspiring photographer! I would love to own a copy of this book!
  11. Aug 09-2011 , 04:13PM
    congratulations! the cover looks amazing as i know the images inside will be as well... i would DIE to have this book!!! xoxo
  12. Aug 16-2011 , 08:01PM
    Beautiful cover, congrats! I look forward to seeing the book in person. :)