this truly lovely bridal shower is featured in the new issue of
C-MAGAZINE…you simply must pick it up…serious eye candy….

wishing the beautiful bride a wonderful wedding…xoxo



Cake/desserts: Cupcakes –
Florals: JL Designs –
Stationery: Momental Designs –
Scent Station: Kamilyin –
Linens: La Tavola –
Champagne: Nicholas Feuillatte –
Production: Be Inspired PR –
Photos by Elizabeth Messina –
Catering by  Cory Martin Events –

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 01-2011 , 10:42AM
    where is this magical place?
  2. Aug 01-2011 , 10:57AM
    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! What a beautiful bride, what a location!!!
  3. Aug 01-2011 , 11:00AM
    Love this amazingness Elizabeth!! We loved working on this bridal shower with you and all the fabulous wedding vendors that helped make it happen!! It look so good in C Magazine Weddings too! :)
  4. Aug 01-2011 , 11:46AM
    Oh Elizabeth, lovely, lovely, lovely!! We designed the paper goods without seeing this gorgeous space but everything came together perfectly!
  5. Aug 01-2011 , 03:38PM
    That is absolutely beautiful! Love, love, love it all! Thank u for the fabulous pictures!
  6. Aug 01-2011 , 03:49PM
    I love this fabulous shell theme. Who made all of the shell things. I am especially crazed over the statue plus the mirror and console.
  7. Aug 01-2011 , 05:50PM
    Small but decadent. I honestly can't think of a more perfect way to celebrate. This wedding looked intimate but lavish. The setting, the cake, and the sexy short dress tied the wedding together perfectly.

    Alessandra from
  8. Aug 02-2011 , 07:20AM
    These images gave me goosebumps! Wow! Absolutely stunning. Truly breathtaking!
  9. Aug 02-2011 , 11:25AM
    Really Beautiful-that looks like Queen Sophie Anne's home in True Blood! Clearly, I have an addiction to HBO programming. Stunning work, as always Elizabeth. Your work really set's the bar for the industry.
  10. Aug 02-2011 , 12:45PM
    Everything is just stunning!! Sooo lovely!!

  11. Laura:
    Aug 03-2011 , 11:35AM
    I would love to find a picture or link to this Vera Wang dress-- I love it, it is just gorgeous! If it is available anywhere, please share!
  12. Aug 04-2011 , 01:03AM
    I just had to pick my jaw off the ground. This just seems soooo lavish and I am sooo jealous I did not get to shoot it.
  13. Emmy:
    Aug 04-2011 , 09:12PM
    It is indeed the True Blood mansion of Queen Sophie Anne! The name of the home is "La Villa Contenta"
  14. Joey:
    Aug 09-2011 , 04:19AM
    Oh. My. Goodness. My jaw literally dropped open while reading this post-- this is simply the most stunning shower i have EVER seen! & as usual, you have captured it perfectly! Still completely flaberghasted!
  15. Aug 13-2011 , 01:10PM
    This is so beautiful!
  16. Aug 24-2011 , 07:35PM
    oh my goodness, how utterly stunning!
  17. Sep 08-2011 , 07:01AM
    [...] snapshots are my own so not as lovely as those above by Elizabeth Messina.   A custom mixes shimmery pink ink was painted in various thicknesses on each peony.  Touches [...]