had a baby….
a beautiful baby girl named harper….
harper just celebrated her 1st birthday & i was
lucky enough to photograph her & her sweet family…


brady & tiffani & harper

this is one of the sweetest families i’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing

there is such love everywhere…from the lovely beautiful details that fill there home…both tiffani & her husband are artists…the “harper” sign was made by tiffani….& brady is a wonderful painter & illustrator…the couple even made & decorated their daughter’s first birthday cake (my kinda people)

the afternoon was full of hugs & laughs (notice my dear friend
viola from CHEWING THE CUD’s beautiful fabric wrap)…..

my favorite thing about brady (besides his artwork) is his sense of humor….

everything pictured above was made by either tiffani or brady….

pure beautiful love….xoxo

happy birthday harper!


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 18-2011 , 07:55AM
    HOW GORGEOUS!!!!! And they look SO happy.
  2. kasansdra:
    Jul 18-2011 , 07:59AM
    its so fun to see celebrities it their own lives ... beautiful pictures that capture a beautiful family ... thanks for sharing!
  3. Jul 18-2011 , 08:03AM
    The pictures are so soft and beautiful.
  4. Jul 18-2011 , 08:05AM
    Haper and her family are gorgeous!
  5. Jul 18-2011 , 08:09AM
    So so sweet. What a precious and beautiful family :)
  6. Jul 18-2011 , 09:44AM
    What a beautiful and creative family! I love all of the little details they made for Harper. :)
  7. Jul 18-2011 , 09:44AM
    what a beautiful family. adore that crown and that sweet baby's face. beautiful images elizabeth. xo
  8. Ginger:
    Jul 18-2011 , 09:50AM
    I have adored Tiffani since she was on 90210! They look so happy and they are just beautiful. Brilliant work as usual Elizabeth!
  9. Jul 18-2011 , 10:18AM
    what a perfectly gorgeous family to compliment perfectly gorgeous images!
  10. Jul 18-2011 , 12:48PM
    I have always loved Tiffani Thiessen. So great to see her happy family. Beautiful images as always! :)
  11. Jul 18-2011 , 01:28PM
    Always admired your work, it's unbelievable! Love these ones so much, they are such a beautiful happy family, makes my heart smile. Fabulous pictures.
  12. Jul 18-2011 , 02:24PM
    Oh my goodness! What a sweet family!! I'm a big fan of Tiffani Amber Thiessen, I love to see these beautiful images.
  13. Jul 19-2011 , 09:04AM
    These images are gorgeous. You did such an amazing job of capturing the spirit of this beautiful family...
  14. Jul 19-2011 , 11:37AM
    What a beautiful set of pictures. She still looks as dashing as she used to be back then. Wow!
  15. Jul 19-2011 , 12:39PM
    This is fabulous!!! :)
  16. Jul 19-2011 , 04:19PM
    We have loved Tiffany since watching Saved by the Bell .... 90210 .... she is just so darling!!! Gorgeous photos, as always :)

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    Heather & Kimberly
  17. Jul 20-2011 , 11:04AM
    So sweet!!!! Lovely Photos!


  18. Jul 24-2011 , 09:42AM
    Very sweet photos of the family... and I like the humourous ones too!
  19. Jul 25-2011 , 10:36AM
    I always thought she has the most beautiful smile. Lovely images.
  20. Jul 27-2011 , 09:48AM
    How sweet - true innocence in this photo shoot, love it!
  21. Jul 29-2011 , 01:47PM
    Lovely and sweet!!! Beautiful family! xoxo
  22. Jan 16-2012 , 11:05PM
    bummed about all these celebrities naming their children after my little girl, Harper. HA. Gorgeous photos, Elizabeth. Simple and fun.