you may have notices i have been a little MIA….

i feel as though i am lost at sea….drifting through ends swells of photographs & deadlines… days have been a blur…my nights a bit restless….this morning i spotted land & realized how much a longed for sure footing…so i am back…wishing everyone lots of peaceful restful days & nights on dry land….



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 29-2011 , 03:19PM
    Sounds like you were some place beautiful! I´ve recently discovered your site and fell head over heels for your work! Thanks for being such an inspiration! ;)
  2. Jul 29-2011 , 04:40PM
    Hey Elizabeth! I know what you mean! I hope you have a wonderful and restful next few days. I'm always amazed by all your work and your work ethic - and you are a mother! Sometimes, I daydream of just running away from everything for a mini break. ;) Work and projects never end - wonderful but it can be exhausting. I appreciate knowing you... with your amazing drive and your openness to sharing your feelings.
  3. Jul 29-2011 , 11:09PM
    it happens to the best of us, and you are such an inspiration to me, both because of your creativity and how you balance work and family! Sometimes you have to get lost at sea, but also glad to have you back. I miss your photos and posts when you're gone :)
  4. Jul 29-2011 , 11:46PM
    You are THE hardest working woman I know. The amount you accomplish in one day, let alone one week blows me away. If there is anyone that deserves a vacation to just chill out and get away from the madness, it's you. So if any of your lovely readers happens to have access to a tropical island where you can hideaway... take it! ;) love you girl.
  5. Jul 30-2011 , 05:44AM
    Welcome back, and its worth the wait no matter how long it takes : ) Your Vision is Brilliant !
  6. Jul 30-2011 , 08:00AM
    sorry things have been so hectic..... hope all is well.
    take care,