you must keep an eye out for this amazing new
line from CLAIRE PETTIBONE…heirloom lingerie

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 26-2011 , 05:07PM
    Oh my, I am SO excited about this!!! I adore Claire Pettibone's designs. I met her in New York in April and she was so lovely and down to earth. I love that, and I love her creations. This is the perfect next step for her to take and I for one am very much looking forward to seeing more like this ;)

    Annabel xXx
  2. Jul 26-2011 , 08:04PM
    I'd like some of these please. So simply stunning!
  3. Jul 26-2011 , 09:28PM
    If I were ever brave enough to do a boudoir (should have done it BEFORE I had a baby!) it would have to be shot by you and I would have to wear Claire Pettibone's heirloom lingerie. I'll NEVER be brave enough, but a girl can dream... xx
  4. Jul 27-2011 , 12:45AM
    simply great!
  5. Jul 27-2011 , 02:08PM
    This is absolutely beautiful.
  6. Jul 28-2011 , 07:35AM
    That will stop the groom in his tracks........ And then the opposite. Wow!!!
  7. Jul 28-2011 , 12:08PM
    This picture is amazing and the gorgeous lingerie is fantastic! I am so excited to see the rest of the photos, the shoot was magic, thank you for letting the Santa Barbara Historical Museum be apart of it.
    <3 Nora
  8. Jul 28-2011 , 05:11PM
    Very lovely and romantic!

  9. Jul 29-2011 , 12:51PM
  10. Gabi:
    Jan 04-2012 , 09:54PM
    I was blown away...It's a dream come true. I went to her web page, I saw the collection (lovely), however it doesn't mention costs or a way to buy it. Any help????