is releasing some new backdrops…they are modern, graphic & oh so fun….
these 3 new backdrops will be available soon…but one lucky somebody can
WIN a backdrop of their choice …either BLACK KEYS…GREYDIANT OR GYPSY….simply
leave a comment & tell me which one is your favorite new DROP IT MODERN backdrop….




leave a comment, cross you fingers & tell me your favorite new backdrop….
DROP IT MODERN winner will be picked next week….xoxo

the winner of a lovely greydiant DROP IT MODERN backdrop


a little more sweetness...

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  1. katrina:
    Jul 16-2011 , 08:38AM
    I love the GreyDiante, and it would be SO much fun to use :)!!!
  2. Jul 16-2011 , 08:40AM
    So hard to choose! I love them all! Black keys or gypsy...I think I will go with black keys. Today, anyway.
  3. Jul 16-2011 , 09:48AM
    Black keys!! So modern and fresh. LOVE.
  4. Jul 16-2011 , 10:10AM
    Hard to choose!! I love the boldness of the 1st and last, but to me the softness of the Greydiant is my top pick! :)
  5. Jul 16-2011 , 10:51AM
    super crossed my fingers! :D Greydiant!
  6. Jul 16-2011 , 03:06PM
    While I normally prefer neutral tones...there's something so alluring and festive about Gypsy. Beautiful work Elizabeth.
  7. Jana:
    Jul 16-2011 , 04:32PM
    Absolutely love the Greydiant! And so does my fiance!
  8. Esther:
    Jul 16-2011 , 04:34PM
    I love Greydiant!!!!! its soft and delicate~!
  9. Jul 16-2011 , 07:02PM
    Love, love the Graydiant!
  10. Elizabeth B.:
    Jul 16-2011 , 08:58PM
    Gypsy is just too much fun! It's my favorite. I love how a pop of grey is used in the styling of your image! (funny how a neutral takes on that quality when set against a bright.)
  11. Jul 17-2011 , 07:53AM
    These are all so pretty it's hard to pick a favorite but I think I would go with Gypsy...crossing my fingers :)
  12. Veronica:
    Jul 17-2011 , 07:56AM
    I'm in love with Gypsy!
  13. Jul 17-2011 , 09:12PM
    Absolutely want the Gypsy!
    Love that the hot pink doesn't spill over and affect the skin tones! Perfect color for a summer affair
  14. Jul 17-2011 , 09:59PM
    I'm having a hard time choosing. Most likely the lovely greydiant, though <3 saying a quick prayer. Have a great week!
  15. kasansdra:
    Jul 18-2011 , 07:39AM
    Gypsy because I would never buy it because i'm just too conservative ... it's fun to be gifted something you'd never buy for yourself :)
  16. Jul 18-2011 , 09:27AM
    heart the graydiant!!!
  17. Craig Schott:
    Jul 18-2011 , 09:31AM
    Love the Greydiant!
  18. Jul 18-2011 , 11:15AM
    I love GREYDIANT!!!!
  19. rebekah:
    Jul 18-2011 , 11:27AM
    GREYDIANT!! Perfect for the photo booth at my wedding reception!!
  20. Jul 18-2011 , 12:17PM
    I love Gypsy but would probably go with Greydiant since it's so neutral. <3
  21. Jill:
    Jul 18-2011 , 04:23PM
    Greydiant = Sublime
  22. Jul 18-2011 , 04:36PM
    The reddish one will do:)
  23. Aubrey W.:
    Jul 18-2011 , 04:46PM
    I love them all, but I think I would have to go with the gypsy one. All of the possibilities!
  24. Jul 18-2011 , 05:15PM
    LOVE the black keys...although I do love them all, that is my favorite!
  25. Jul 18-2011 , 05:39PM
    I LOVE greydiant! The background itself, and the name! Perfect!
  26. samantha:
    Jul 18-2011 , 10:27PM
  27. Jul 19-2011 , 05:32AM
    I adore the black keys I see so many possibilities with it. The design in the greek key is so classic and clean! Your client in some beautiful jewel tones and it can be so many different eras 20,s 40,s 60's even a bad ass 80's themed shoot. LOL! It has my wheels turning. Love it!
  28. Jul 19-2011 , 07:34AM
    I loooove the greydiant backdrop! So lovely!
  29. Jul 19-2011 , 10:58AM
    I am so torn because I love them ALL. But for the purposes of this contest, I will have to choose the bold Black Keys. Love how any color will POP off the backdrop. Amazing backdrops and as always stellar images! xo
  30. Jul 19-2011 , 12:25PM
    I like the gradient the most because it is can work with most wardrobe choices. It is has the most timeless feel. Since I am wedding photographer this backdrop would work IMHO with both brides and grooms. The other two choices are more for fashion photography.
  31. Molly:
    Jul 19-2011 , 12:38PM
    Greydiant! Beautiful and elegant. Perfect backdrop for antyhing, including my upcoming wedding for the photobooth :)
  32. Jul 19-2011 , 12:41PM
    These are all fantastic photos! I adore the Gypsy one!!
  33. Jul 19-2011 , 04:03PM
  34. Jul 19-2011 , 07:25PM
    greydiant!!! so beautiful!
  35. Jul 20-2011 , 03:15PM
    Greydient!!!!! So cool!
  36. Jen:
    Jul 20-2011 , 03:18PM
    Love the GREYDIENT look and feel. Would love to use this for my September wedding in Cali!
  37. Charity S:
    Jul 20-2011 , 04:09PM
    I really love the Black Keys!
  38. Jul 20-2011 , 04:16PM
    I'm loving the Greydient most but the black keys is coming in as a close second.
  39. Jul 20-2011 , 06:49PM
    o. m. g. these are amazing! how do you pick?!?!? graydiant and gypsy are so so amazing
  40. Phoebe Chen:
    Jul 20-2011 , 07:43PM
    LOVE the GREYDIENT! So understated yet creative!
  41. Jul 20-2011 , 08:10PM
    Love them all, but Greydiant takes the cake!
  42. Jul 20-2011 , 09:44PM
    Greydiant! So fab!
  43. Jul 20-2011 , 10:20PM
    Gypsy is totally my style. Love!
  44. Jul 21-2011 , 10:56AM
    black keys; life is black and white and everything in between; he makes keys to my heart and unlocks it
  45. Jul 29-2011 , 05:12PM
    this fabric backdrops are stunning! i esp. like the blk and wht. thanks for sharing...