last night i dreamt about my wedding dress….not my wedding….but my dress….i woke up feeling pretty….isn’t it amazing how a dress can transform a girl…transform a moment….a memory….so today i am dress dreaming….& i thought i’d give a little love to the lovely woman who designed my wedding gown….thank you KIRSTIE KELLY….i love my dress….as much today as it sits sweetly in my closet, as i did the day i became a wife….wishing you all lots of lovely dress dreams…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 12-2011 , 06:58AM
    beautiful spread, love the overall framing
  2. Jul 13-2011 , 11:53AM
    I love your arrangements of your photos...... just fantastic!
  3. Jul 13-2011 , 01:10PM
    These are amazing. YOU are amazing!
  4. Jul 21-2011 , 01:19PM
    Your photos are so lovely. Did Kristie Kelly make the shrug in the photo as well? It's very pretty and I need to find one for wedding day :)