express you style…xoxoxo


flower hat by TWIGS & HONEY
beaded hat from ELIZABTH’s
private collection

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jun 20-2011 , 08:40PM
    Oh my, the beaded hat is amazing!!!
  2. Jun 21-2011 , 04:22AM
    THe beadd head piece is beautiful!!!
  3. Jun 21-2011 , 04:34AM
    So beautiful Elizabeth, so so beautiful!
  4. Jun 21-2011 , 08:02AM
    Just stunning, Elizabeth!
  5. Jun 21-2011 , 09:03AM
    these are amazing elizabeth. so beautiful.
  6. Jun 21-2011 , 12:47PM
    wow. all of these images are amazing. the mask is my fave <3
  7. Stacy:
    Jun 23-2011 , 09:03AM
    wow, this looks so much like my friend's not her, is it?!
  8. Jun 26-2011 , 09:27PM
    Love that headpiece in the very first photo! So elegant. :D