true confession = the bachelorette is my guilty pleasure….

now, i never thought i would publicly admit that i am rather
hooked on the show….but this episode is a little different….

West (who was voted off the show last night) is a very close friend of
my brother’s…he was in fact the best man at my brother’s wedding…

he is an absolute southern gentleman…funny & easy going…i really
appreciated he willingness to hold a basket of flowers or the wedding
bands for me…a job not all grooms-men are so willing to perform…

West tragically lost his wife at a very young age…i remember when my
brother had called and told me what had happened, my brain could not
quite imagine the incredible sadness & loss he was going through….

upon leaving the show last night West said…

“You can’t replace someone that you really loved and was taken from you.
That’s not what I was trying to do. I’m trying to move on. Life is love. If you don’t
have it, you could be happy on so many levels, but it’s so much more satisfying
deeper if you have someone to share it with. Hopefully one day, I’ll find it.”


wishing West all the best in everything…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jun 14-2011 , 12:15PM
    lovely images, as always.... the Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure too and West is a true gem!
  2. Jun 14-2011 , 12:48PM
    What a beautiful post! Actually, all your post are beautiful. This one made me teary eyed. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Jun 14-2011 , 01:00PM
    It is a guilty pleasure of mine too and I was surprised that he wasn't given a rose, but I think he is MUCH better off for it! Great pictures!
  4. Jun 14-2011 , 01:01PM
    yes! He's been one of my favorites from the beginning and I thought that Ashley was a little insane for letting him go so early. But she's also still hung up on that Bentley...
  5. Jun 14-2011 , 01:43PM
    ummmm hello? I did not know this!! How fun! Lauren at my office is a big West fan and I thought he seemed like a great guy. From one Bachelorette tv fan to another.. Love this post! xo
  6. Jun 14-2011 , 01:56PM
    Simply adorable. He was one of my favs on the show. I know he'll find someone amazing to share his life with!
  7. Jun 14-2011 , 02:01PM
    Elizabeth. Omigod. West is truly amazing. Ashley let go of one of the only, if not the only, sincere, quality men on the show. I adored him. She is a ridiculous.

    I loved this. Thank you for this. I so feel for him. Obviously, he's better off without this girl, I mean, clearly. He deserves a girl who's got her priorities straight and has enough confidence to make proper decisions about what she wants and needs in a relationship and in life.

    Also, as always, you're amazeballs.
  8. Jun 14-2011 , 02:03PM
    I was a big fan of West! He's the cutest on there, by far! Great post! Glad to know he's really a great guy!
  9. Jun 14-2011 , 02:20PM
    Aren't we all looking for love. Wishing West the very best in life and love. <3
  10. Jun 14-2011 , 02:25PM
    Ashley is silly.. but not the one for him for sure.. I vote West to be the next Bachelor...He deserves it.
  11. Jun 14-2011 , 02:38PM
    That's so incredibly sweet, what an amazing attitude towards life he has.
  12. Marcia:
    Jun 14-2011 , 03:12PM
    West is clearly a man of rare character. He was so gracious when he was the only one voted off last night. I think he is better off, and I'm sure he will soon find a woman who sees that he is not trying to find someone to fill his wife's shoes, but that he still has a heart full of love to share! Best wishes to him!
  13. Jun 14-2011 , 03:18PM
    Loved his closing remarks last night and LOVE this post! -EB
  14. Lauren:
    Jun 14-2011 , 04:49PM
    Such a great guy... I'm so happy to see you give him the props he deserves! Ashley is crazy for letting him go, but she was definitely not the one for him... he'll find someone special, because he is an amazing person (and a cutie, too!)... West Lee for Bachelor! :)
  15. Jun 14-2011 , 05:08PM
    Great Photos! The basket remind me of my recent DR vacation.

    Love that decor!
  16. Jun 14-2011 , 10:40PM
    Beautiful post Elizabeth.

    I don't watch TV, but you made me a huge fan of West's - I mean any man that will hold a basket and rings just so you can get your shot... :)

    Best of luck to West in finding love.

    and Elizabeth thanks for continuing to inspire!

    x. Christa
  17. Jun 14-2011 , 11:21PM
    He seems wonderful inside and out and I hope he'll find someone equally amazing to share his life (and love) with. Much love, West!
  18. Jun 15-2011 , 10:15AM
    Oh My Goodness! The moment I opened this post I thought, "Oh no! West already got married!"
    He seems like a really great guy. Does he have any idea you posted about him.
    West, if you are reading this; good luck and much love!
  19. Jun 15-2011 , 10:28AM
    Agreed she was crazy to let him go but honestly I think he is better off for it. She is obsessing over Bentley, who treats her like crap. She is really insecure and isn't sure what she wants/needs. He deserves someone that really knows who she is. I wish I knew of someone to hook up up with but I think he will be just fine and find true love again. Hugs! RAH
  20. Jun 15-2011 , 01:53PM
    I've been in West's shoes. Lost my love of 6 years to cancer almost 5 years ago (I was 32, he was 40). Many folks tried to tell me what I was and was not ready for. Only West knows that & nobody else. He deserves someone who gets that & is strong enough to be with a widower. There has to be an understanding that she was an important part of his life.
  21. Jun 15-2011 , 08:00PM
    How cool! He was my favorite from the moment he stepped out of the limo. Southern boys are the best!
  22. Erin:
    Jun 15-2011 , 10:20PM
    This was a great post to share!What he said is so true and it is obvious that he is a genuine, amazing person just looking to have a partner to go through life with. Women shouldn't feel apprehension about "replacing" someone, as that is just not the case. I hope he finds everything he is looking for!
  23. Jun 16-2011 , 12:51AM
    Immediately upon scrolling down my brain made the connection. How cool!
  24. Jun 17-2011 , 05:13PM
    My guilty pleasure is that show as well, and I simply adore Wes from this season! I think anyone who watched "The Bachelorette" could clearly see he is not only a good looking man, but a genuine, kind and humble one as well! His story was heart breaking, but it is good to see him back out there trying again and I just know he will find love again at the right time and it will be truly special for him! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us and how fun that he was your brother's best man!

    Liesl :)
  25. Jun 20-2011 , 02:31PM
    Oh... :(

    He seems like an amazing person. I wish him luck in whatever else he does!
  26. Jul 06-2011 , 02:41PM
    Wow so sad yet so sweet! Pretty please give him MY number!! :)