may your summer be full of love…xoxo


editorial credits

event planner: MINDY WEISS

florals and décor: DOLCE DESIGNS STUDIO


producer: BE INSPIRED PR

tanning booth: PLUSH TAN

stationery: LEHR & BLACK

ice cream: SWEET LUCIES


Food Styling: JENNY PARK

backdrop: DROP IT MODERN

linens: LA TAVOLA

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Peter Yana:
    May 24-2011 , 02:25AM
    It is so good that it is "Scandalous".. I have been visiting your blog for a while now.. You make it fun, and you keep a lot of folks inspired.. Thanks Elizabeth.
  2. Alexandra:
    May 24-2011 , 06:10AM
    I love the swiss dot butterfly sleeve, do you know the designer? I have to have one! :)
  3. May 24-2011 , 07:18AM
    Amazingly Beautiful! I'm literally at my dlesk in complete awe.
  4. May 24-2011 , 07:41AM
    Elizabeth---My jaw STILL drops every time I look at these photos! To know that we created them together, with such an amazing team, makes my heart go pitter patter! I feel so blessed and humbled. THANK YOU for being a part of Rue! xoxoxo

    P.S. Alexandra! That shirt is lovely, isn't it! it's from a little shop in Los Angeles that has their own label and tons of unique pieces like that---Bobbie Boutique is the name, and they have wonderful customer service and would love to help you get your hands on one! http://www.bobbieboutique.com
  5. May 24-2011 , 08:10AM
    I don't even know where to start - I love each and every image!! Bravo!
  6. May 24-2011 , 09:06AM
    I love all the vivid color and the models are so striking! Makes me ready for summer get togethers with my friends...
  7. May 24-2011 , 09:10AM
    Wow! truely amazing! Stunning images, fun and sexy styling! Well done!
  8. May 24-2011 , 09:14AM
    These are crazy amazing! CONGRATS!!
  9. May 24-2011 , 09:33AM
    Elizabeth, it was such a pleasure to work with you! These images are STUNNING!
  10. May 24-2011 , 10:55AM
    AMAZING! Can't get enough of these. It was such a pleasure working with so many talented people to make that day happen. Love you and Love what you capture behind that lens of yours..
  11. May 24-2011 , 10:59AM
    All the pictures turned out stunning. So happy to have been a part of this process!
  12. May 25-2011 , 09:18AM

    These images are beautiful! I LOVE them. Definitely puts me in the mood for summer goodness!
  13. May 25-2011 , 10:47AM
    What fantastic images! Your are so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful process, magazine, and shoot.
  14. May 25-2011 , 12:28PM
    This is so you! Fresh and pretty! I absolutely love it!
  15. May 26-2011 , 10:11AM
    Nice job Mindy! Love this photo shoot, colors, settings, details, props, everything!

    Robbin Monteero
    A Dream Wedding
  16. May 26-2011 , 09:28PM
    So sublime. So perfect.


  17. May 27-2011 , 04:32PM
    amazing. amazing!
  18. Jun 06-2011 , 03:44PM
    This shoot looks like it was a ton of fun. . . as always your images are extraordinary!
  19. Nov 04-2011 , 01:54PM
    I still can't get over this shoot! The images turned out soooo incredible - breathtaking. Such a fun day, so honored to have been a part of it!
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