lately i have had the most incredible urge to make my home & office pretty…not just on the outside but down & dirty, no dust, no clutter…we’ve been pulling out all the kids shoes & lining them up in the hallway…then making decisions, yes these fit…no these must go…i love this time of year…the new…the clean…the only problem is i think the job may be bigger than my capabilities…i feel like for every closet we tackle, we open up a can of worms, so to speak….i am trying to revel in the little areas that actually look clean & hope i can muster the endurance to make it through the maze of our belongings…may your home & office be as clean as your dreams…or rather my dreams…..xoxo

-happy weekend-

a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 21-2011 , 05:39PM
    awe yes spring cleaning. something i badly need to do :)
  2. May 22-2011 , 11:45AM
    We {just} tackled this in our home and it is so cathartic and wonderful when it's all done! Wishing you lots of luck! :)
  3. May 23-2011 , 06:54AM
    Very antique!!!
  4. May 30-2011 , 08:08PM
    We're freshening up as well. New rug, new towels, touching up the paint. That kind of spring renewal always makes me feel optimistic.