recently i was in san francisco photographing on a vintage ferry for a lovely SF BRIDE magazine editorial shoot…now, san francisco is one of my favorite places on earth…add the vintage ferry & beautiful bridal fashion, i was in heaven….the magazine comes out on JUNE 22nd….xoxoxoxo


Bustle Events – Design and Styling
Floral Theory – Floral Design
Heritage & Craft – Vintage & Custom Rentals
Preston Nesbit, Acme Head & Body – Hair & Makeup
Hartmann Studios – Rentals
Haute Bride – Veils & Headpieces
Shreve – Jewelry
Rebecca Overmann – Jewelry
Batter – Crepe Cake
Astor & Black – menswear

a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 11-2011 , 03:55PM
    Beautiful. Very Audrey!
  2. chelsi:
    May 12-2011 , 08:33AM
    San Francisco is amazing! There is something so addicting about the culture and lifestyle. It sucks people in, but in a good way!
  3. kiley:
    May 12-2011 , 07:49PM

    so this might be a little creepy but I love to follow your blog and have recongized you due to your post. soo....i was wondering if you hapened to be in SF on the 7th because i am almost pretty sure i saw you and possibly your family walking around???
  4. May 15-2011 , 07:43PM
    A native San Franciscan, I'll look forward to seeing that editoriial when it comes out. I love your work. Paired up with the vintage ferries I think will be quite a piece. The ferries were actually running and/or parked when I was a kid.
  5. May 23-2011 , 08:12PM
    can't wait to see! happy the veils worked out! heard it was a beautiful shoot!