somethings are worth waiting for…xoxo


gown & shrug by CLAIRE PETTIBONE

a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 30-2011 , 11:36AM
    I loved the light from the late afternoon sunset. Perfect timing, beautiful girl and dress. What more could you ask for.
  2. May 31-2011 , 11:59AM
    Wow there's something about that dress that's so brilliant. The floral appliques are romantic and vintage at the same time.
  3. May 31-2011 , 04:04PM

  4. May 31-2011 , 07:45PM
    your blog pretty sweet, love it & follow everyday :)

    Freya Serendipity
  5. Jun 01-2011 , 08:48AM
  6. Jana:
    Oct 03-2011 , 03:35AM
    your photos are so beautiful that it makes me cry ... I love the atmosphere and the beautiful light that exists in all your photos. And I love her dress in these pictures! Can I ask about who designed it?
    - Jana
  7. Jana:
    Oct 03-2011 , 03:40AM
    Aha! Found it! Just below the picture! Thank u! ;-)
  8. Jul 18-2012 , 05:52PM
    These photographs are sure worth waiting for, thank you for the ongoing inspiration. ^-^