this beautiful young woman made me a mother & i will be
forever¬†grateful for all she has taught me about love…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 07-2011 , 12:46AM
    Stunning photo of a gorgeous woman. You are blessed.
  2. Ingrid:
    May 07-2011 , 06:04AM
    Truly beautiful young woman. I've always thought that when you love someone it shows when you photograph them. I'm here to say that's definitely true of this photo.
  3. May 07-2011 , 07:21AM
    Happy Mother's Day to you! I love this portrait of your daughter. Such restrain emotions yet it bursts with a quiet energy that spoke volume of who your daughter is. What a beautiful woman and a beautiful portrait. All your images are filled with such a quiet poetic emotions. You make everything beautiful.
  4. May 07-2011 , 07:49AM
    She is stunning! Happy Mother's Day!
  5. May 07-2011 , 08:07AM
    Stunning! What a truly beautiful post.
  6. May 08-2011 , 07:57AM
    what a stunning beauty...happy mother's day are an inspiration and a gift to so many...
  7. May 08-2011 , 10:12AM
    Absolutely beautiful! Happy Mother's Day! I love your work! ♥
  8. May 09-2011 , 04:12PM
    SO much beautiful in this image. Breathtaking.
  9. May 10-2011 , 02:49AM
    Her beauty is breath taking.
  10. May 15-2011 , 03:46AM
    Oh your daughter is heavenly and this photo of her is a treasure. So much beauty and love. Steph x
  11. May 16-2011 , 09:09PM
    it is true...they make us into mothers, and teach us what it is to be joyful, carefree, and young dreamers again. what a gift!
  12. Jun 13-2011 , 09:47AM
    she is beautiful. amazing.