and hello…and good night…and goodmorning….kiss me for no reason at all…kiss me when i drive you crazy….kiss me when the children are alseep….kiss me in the car, at the park & every where in between…a kiss changes everything…kiss me ever single day….i will always kiss you back…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 22-2011 , 02:47PM
  2. May 22-2011 , 04:29PM
    Yes. Yes. and YES!!
  3. May 23-2011 , 12:30AM
    I'll say the same thing... BEAUTIFUL! As beautiful as a line of poetry, and words as true as my soul.

    It makes me miss my sweetheart very much. I wish he could come home. I hope my heart will heal someday so I won't always have to hold my own hands.
  4. May 23-2011 , 10:43AM
  5. Jul 11-2011 , 10:54AM
    [...] photo cred: 1 {elizabeth messina via kiss the groom} [...]