some days i get lost…not sure what direction to turn…these are not bad days though…inside of confusion lies little sweet bits of beauty…it is in the pauses, the sense of feeling lost that i find solace in the small things….a soft blanket…a cup of tea…the wind on a lazy afternoon…so what if you the key doesn’t fit….beauty is in the imperfections…may you all get lost in wonderland….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 22-2011 , 06:31AM
    This is lovelovelovely. Photo + words. You're are amazingly thoughtful and I adore how you share it with us, your readers.
  2. Jemma:
    Apr 22-2011 , 06:45AM
    So beautiful. Your images amaze and inspire me everyday, you are so talented!!
  3. Apr 24-2011 , 01:02PM
    I really love this :)
  4. Apr 24-2011 , 11:53PM
    The wind on the lazy afternoon- that's a very relaxing scenario for me, nothing is moving except the leaves of the trees. :) Let's all be lost in wonderland and explore it's amazing features! :D
  5. Apr 25-2011 , 02:10AM
    What a great way to start my day! Thanks for the post!
  6. Apr 26-2011 , 03:02AM
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