as the holiday weekend draws near, i have been dreaming of sweet things…as a working mama, i am oh so busy….so when ever i get the chance, (a la holidays and such) I LOVE to spoil my children…this easter i am thinking beautiful jars full of  beautiful things to eat…i have been spending my evenings scouring the WILLIAMS-SONOMA website & look what i found…i am crushing on these jars & vase & natural baskets & oh the chocolates….i want to surprise my children with a kitchen full of sweetness….the only rule in our house is simple = mama must photograph them first…

since i am feeling so inspired by spring & the sweetness to come in our house this weekend…..i thought i’d share a little sweetness with you….i am happy to announce that one lucky someone is going to win a $150 gift card from WILLIAMS-SONOMA… here is the 411


1. you must register with WILLIAM-SONOMA to enter the giveaway…. if you already
registered with WILLIAMS-SONOMA, you can add another item to their registry to
enter the giveaway & include this item in your comment.

2. you must leave a comment here & let me know you have registered
on WILLIAMS-WONOMA &/or tell me your favorite registry item.

3. you can receive an extra entry if you include your public registry link in the comment

4. i will announce the winner one week from today, so cross your fingers…xoxo


here is a little secret we do in our house to cut down on the sugar mania…we cook a yummy healthy brunch & dinner on easter sunday….and the kids must eat all their vegetables before they dive into their chocolates….this makes me feel like i am being a good mama….and their little tummies can’t handle too many sweets on a full belly….try this in your house….check out this beautiful copper pot i am coveting…i just think anything i cook would taste better in something so pretty….

tell me what you love….xoxo


enter the WILLIAMS-SONOMA $150 giveaway

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Kanani Roberts:
    Apr 19-2011 , 11:49AM
    I LOVE the knives at WS
    Here is my added item to my registry Brushed Stainless-Steel Spice Rack ExclusiveInternet Only 7863053
    and here is my public registry
  2. Apr 19-2011 , 11:50AM
    I am already registered! But just added the three tiered oven rack!!
  3. kanani Roberts:
    Apr 19-2011 , 11:51AM
    I LOVE the knife set at WS
    Here is my added item on my registry Brushed Stainless-Steel Spice Rack ExclusiveInternet Only 7863053
    and here is my public registry
  4. lindsey:
    Apr 19-2011 , 01:56PM
    I have been desperately wanted the pizza stone to make homemade pizzas on this summer :)
  5. lindsey:
    Apr 19-2011 , 01:56PM
    I have been desperately wanted the pizza stone to make homemade pizzas on this summer :)
  6. Diane:
    Apr 19-2011 , 06:17PM
    I've just added the Ateco Cake Stand to my registry.
  7. Maria Malaveci:
    Apr 19-2011 , 06:35PM
    I am already registered at Williams Sonoma, and I have added the Oval Stoneware Bread Basket, White to my registry. I love WS!
  8. Maria Malaveci:
    Apr 19-2011 , 06:36PM
    I am registered at Williams Sonoma, and my favorite registry item is the Breville Die-Cast Stainless Steel Toaster, 4-Slice. We really need it!
  9. Maria Malaveci:
    Apr 19-2011 , 06:37PM
    Here is the link to my public registry!
  10. Aimee:
    Apr 19-2011 , 11:58PM
    Thank you for this - I added the Brooklyn slate cheese board to my registry.
  11. Aimee:
    Apr 19-2011 , 11:59PM
    Here is my registry link:
  12. Elizabeth:
    Apr 20-2011 , 10:55AM
    I adore the bee pressed glass bud vases and added small cake stand.
  13. Elizabeth:
    Apr 20-2011 , 11:00AM
    Ooops forgot to add my link
  14. Lisamarie:
    Apr 20-2011 , 11:46AM
    I have added the Breville Juice Extractor to my wedding registry. I am getting married in January 2012 and will be filling out my Williams Sonoma registry in June. I cannot wait!!
  15. Lisamarie:
    Apr 20-2011 , 12:03PM
    Here is a link to my public registry:
  16. Molly:
    Apr 20-2011 , 02:23PM
    I am in love with the mauviel copper beating bowl. We are hoping to decorate our whole kitchen in copper and reds. I would love to win this item and start collecting items for my dream kitchen.
    Here is my registry:
  17. Nuvea:
    Apr 20-2011 , 02:28PM

    I already had a registry there, and I LOVE their Ruffoni hammered copper cookware!
  18. Apr 21-2011 , 04:18AM
    The copper pot is just beautiful!!!
  19. Apr 21-2011 , 09:49AM
    My favorite item on my registry is the Wusthof 8 piece knife block set! I really hope I get it! They have fantastic knives!

    Here is the link to my public registry too!
  20. Nicolette:
    Apr 21-2011 , 12:22PM
    I love williams sonoma! I just added their Auberge Pie Dish (9') to my registry. It's beautiful and handcrafted, and a WS exclusive. I think it's a timeless piece that will look great for many years to come - like so many of WS classic pieces.

    Thanks for the chance to win, your site is lovely. I found you through a pinterest page and I'm so glad I did!
  21. Brittni T.:
    Apr 24-2011 , 08:01PM
    oo i am in love with their colored monogram glasses me and fiance have been looking for wonderful glasses like that!
  22. Tara H.:
    Apr 25-2011 , 07:03PM
    Love the Laguiole Flatware and William Yeoward Crystal glasses.
  23. Liz M.:
    Apr 25-2011 , 09:46PM
    Thanks for the giveaway! I already registered, so I added the 10" Le Creuset Fry Pan in red! (It also may be my favorite item so far!)

    Here's my link:
  24. Apr 26-2011 , 10:14AM
    My favorite item would have to be the Breville Panini Press
  25. Jennifer:
    May 01-2011 , 08:48AM
    I registered at William's Sonoma and am dying for the 7 1/4-Qt. Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven in Ocean!
  26. Jennifer:
    May 01-2011 , 08:49AM
    My registry link is: