a perfect swept up loose twisted bun….xoxo

dress by IVY & ASTER

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 05-2011 , 04:27AM
    so lovely.
  2. Apr 05-2011 , 07:08AM
    more moving images.
    one of the things that i love most about your photo is how engaging they are . i always want to talk with the people in your photographs. for example, i would ask this woman what books she has read recently.
    thank you for putting such beauty into the world!
  3. Apr 05-2011 , 07:42AM
    Perfection. Simple, innocent perfection :)
  4. Apr 05-2011 , 03:22PM
    Oh... I love it!
  5. Apr 05-2011 , 07:12PM
    I know this is about the hair, but i also have to say that the lipstick looks so sexy on her! :))
  6. Rosaleen:
    Apr 06-2011 , 04:13PM
    can't we get a tutorial on how to do this hair. i love, love, love.
    and I agree with tear stained...the lipstick is amazing!
  7. Apr 13-2011 , 03:35PM
    Amazing, truly amazing. Came across your work while doing one of those internet displacement activities ;)
    ...I love finding photography treasure :)
  8. Apr 22-2011 , 05:57PM
    lovely! do you happen to know what lipstick she is wearing?