this lovely lace jacket was custom made for me by the
very talented KIRSTIE KELLY…yes i actually wore this
at my own wedding….now i wear it from time to time with
my favorite jeans & a pair of heels…and I bring it to a photo
shoot on occasion….i love that something so special from
my wedding day, has worked it’s way into my life…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. sherri Kardell:
    Apr 21-2011 , 10:17AM
    What a beautiful image. Any idea who designed this lovely lace number?
  2. Apr 21-2011 , 10:52AM
    GORGEOUS! You're totally right - I'd definitely wear that out on a date or something :)
  3. Apr 21-2011 , 12:19PM
    It is unbelievably beautiful! ...and so is the photo. Very sensual.
  4. Apr 21-2011 , 03:28PM
    I love the lace jacket...I WANT one!!
  5. Apr 25-2011 , 09:36PM
    this looks like a kebaya, a traditional indonesian top/dress.
  6. Apr 28-2011 , 09:46AM
    Beautiful! I'd love to see more photos of/with it! :)
  7. Apr 28-2011 , 09:18PM
    heaven. i gasped when i saw the image of this amazing lace. i had my wedding dress hand-made in 100% lace…. i dream of wearing it again. so smart you were!
  8. Sep 20-2013 , 06:03AM
    LOVE the jacket!! And so much more usable after your wedding than a fluffy bolero!