are getting married today….

so in celebration i thought i’d share a few of their engagement photographs

where ever you are stop for a moment & send them some wedding wishes

love is beautiful…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 16-2011 , 12:10AM
    Jose & Joel, I wish you both a wonderful wedding day filled with beautiful memories, from the start of the day and through out the many years of love you both will share. The best to you both, with love & warm wishes on your wedding day.

    Christian & Reinna
  2. Apr 16-2011 , 05:15AM
    gorgeous. can't wait to see their wedding photos!
  3. Apr 16-2011 , 05:31AM
    Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Best best wishes to Jose and Joel from Germany!!!!!
  4. Apr 16-2011 , 06:26AM
    So exciting! They are the sweetest people too!
  5. Apr 16-2011 , 06:38AM
    I can't wait to see how these wedding photos turn out! I'm sure it will be nothing less than absolutely amazing!
  6. tru pettit:
    Apr 16-2011 , 06:41AM
    such a perfect day for a wedding!
    best wishes =)
  7. Apr 16-2011 , 06:55AM
    Congrats to two very successful and sweet people... I can't wait to see the photos!!
  8. Ingrid:
    Apr 16-2011 , 06:57AM
    Love IS grand! I too can't wait to see the beautiful wedding photos.
  9. Apr 16-2011 , 07:01AM
    Best Wishes to Joel and Jose! It's so nice to hear when couples get married! :) That photo of them under the tree is a winner!
  10. Apr 16-2011 , 08:41AM
    Love these Elizabeth! Can't wait to see their wedding photos!
  11. Apr 16-2011 , 10:20AM
    Jose took my photos 5 years ago .... what a beautiful love :) Congrats congrats to them!
  12. Jacob Lacey:
    Apr 16-2011 , 11:58AM
    These are soo beautiful. Simply amazing. These two look soo happy
  13. Apr 16-2011 , 12:08PM
    LOVE LOVE both of them. Wishing the most gorgeous wedding day for them both + all their friends. I can't wait to see how you capture it all!!
  14. Apr 16-2011 , 12:25PM
    These are beautiful, Elizabeth.
    Can't wait to see the wedding photographs!
  15. Apr 16-2011 , 01:03PM
    Just lovely!!! Best wishes for a fabulous day!! Look forward to seeing the wedding pics!!
  16. Apr 16-2011 , 01:26PM
    Best wishes to Joel and Jose today! I'm so excited for them and excited to see their images!!
  17. Apr 16-2011 , 01:35PM
    So much love captured in these. An honest beauty :)
  18. Apr 16-2011 , 02:07PM
    these photographs are unbelievable. there are no words.
  19. Apr 16-2011 , 02:14PM
    How incredibly beautiful - the very best of wishes to Joel and Jose for their special day :)

  20. Apr 16-2011 , 03:06PM
    Best Wishes to Joel & Jose! Beautiful Shots!
  21. Apr 16-2011 , 04:06PM
    Oh my... I just can't wait to see this wedding. You couldn't be more perfect for these two! Beautiful, beautiful work x
  22. Apr 16-2011 , 05:42PM
    Wow....these photos gave me goosebumps! So happy we live in a time where these two people (who bring so much joy to others) can be happy together! I hope it's everything they dreamed of and more! <3
  23. Apr 16-2011 , 06:10PM
    Wishing happiness and plenty of love for the big day and beyond... a marriage filled with compassion, understanding, growth and experiences. Congratulations Joel and Jose!
  24. Apr 16-2011 , 06:36PM
    Two lovely people... Hope their day was full of joy and sunshine.
  25. Apr 16-2011 , 08:20PM
    So creative, and so beautiful! Jose and Joel look so happy and so great! I can't wait to see wedding pictures. What a combination of artists working together!
  26. Apr 16-2011 , 09:36PM
    woooooooohoooooooooo. to love!
  27. Melissa:
    Apr 16-2011 , 10:59PM
    Your Love is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. Congrats! Wishing you love and happiness for the many years to come <3. Can't wait to see the photos :o)
  28. Apr 16-2011 , 11:18PM
    hello joel & jose

    best wishes to both of you - - - may your love prosper more in a lot of ways, emotionally, socially & artistically.

  29. Apr 17-2011 , 04:25AM
    So gorgeous to see Joel and Jose! They look so beautiful and happy together. I want to give them a hug and a kiss! My son misses them! Congrats to you both. Ugh I'm gonna cry.
  30. Apr 17-2011 , 07:59AM
    I love how effortlessly elegant your work always is. So soft and romantic and really, really meaningful. I cannot wait to see Jose & Joel's wedding photos and I for one can't think of anyone more perfect to have captured them. Beautiful!
  31. Apr 17-2011 , 11:06AM
    love these pics!! can't wait to see the wedding! have a beautiful day Joel & Jose. what a perfect person to capture your special day. xo
  32. Apr 17-2011 , 11:06AM
    To love! Cheers on a lifetime of bliss. Congratulations Jose and Joel!
  33. Apr 17-2011 , 02:40PM
    These are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest! xx
  34. Apr 17-2011 , 03:50PM
    Suffice to say these photos make them look like they're the ying to the yang for each other. (Aand I just think I made that up!)

    Anyways, I wish them to live a happy life, and don't sweat the small stuff! :D
  35. Apr 17-2011 , 04:56PM
    oooo goose bumps xx
  36. Apr 17-2011 , 06:45PM
    I honestly don't think I could think of a more perfect person to capture their love for each other. I wish them all the happiness in the world!
  37. Apr 17-2011 , 10:27PM
    I adore these men so very much! The last shot melts my heart :)
  38. Apr 18-2011 , 12:25AM
    Congratulations! You two are so fun to work with, so happy for the two of you! And these pictures are fabulous!!!

  39. eunice:
    Apr 18-2011 , 08:47AM
    love these!!!! so gorgeous.
  40. Apr 18-2011 , 08:50AM
    Congratulations to two of the sweetest men in the world. Here's to many many amazing years to come!
  41. Apr 18-2011 , 09:33AM
    these photos bring tears to my eyes. jose and joels relationship defines love and you captured them in their truest beauty ! Cant wait to see more and wedding photos!!!!
  42. Apr 19-2011 , 05:49PM
    Love is beautiful indeed, and knows no border!
  43. glauce:
    Apr 20-2011 , 02:09AM
    Eres la única persona capaz de dar a José & Joel algo tan bonito cómo lo que ellos dan a las personas que fotografan.

    Felicidades a los tres.
  44. Apr 20-2011 , 10:22AM
    cant wait to see their wedding! so many congrats to Jose + Joel!
  45. Apr 20-2011 , 10:46PM
    Gorgeous!! Hope you had the most precious time together, cant wait to see the wedding photos!
  46. Apr 21-2011 , 05:16AM
    awww.....! i just love the last one. I can hear them giggling! ;) great job elizabeth!!! such a treasure. both the photographs and the subjects....
  47. May 17-2011 , 11:27AM
  48. Jun 11-2011 , 09:29PM
    This is beautiful. I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding photos!