a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 17-2011 , 06:44PM
    Stunning, as always.

  2. Apr 17-2011 , 06:44PM
    wow! perfection!
    love the color blue, love the dress, its patterns, the photos! bravo!
  3. Apr 17-2011 , 07:05PM
    WOW. I stock your work religiously because you're amazing, but never comment. This, however, calls for public love. :)
  4. Apr 17-2011 , 07:50PM
    Love the texture and color! Gorg!
  5. Apr 18-2011 , 05:00AM
    Every picture is just perfection. I can't begin to tell you how beautiful your work is, and your daughter is so gorgeous.
  6. Izabela:
    Apr 18-2011 , 06:37AM
    I am not a photographer, however if I captured that image, I would call my career a great success! You are amazing...I'm truly inspired.
  7. Apr 18-2011 , 07:23AM
    Elizabeth - these are wonderful. Fuji 400 or new Portra?

    Thank you.
  8. Apr 18-2011 , 08:51AM
    amazing.. and your daughter? stunning! those eyes!
  9. Apr 18-2011 , 11:01AM
    Beautiful simply beautiful
  10. Apr 18-2011 , 11:35AM
    simply stunning!
  11. Apr 18-2011 , 01:10PM
    unbelievably stunning.
  12. Apr 18-2011 , 02:52PM
    Stunning as always!


  13. Apr 18-2011 , 08:16PM
    absolutely beautiful! both photo and your daughter.
  14. Monica:
    Apr 18-2011 , 10:27PM
    Your daughter is pure beauty. You have a beautiful family.
  15. Apr 19-2011 , 05:08AM
    She is so beautiful Elizabeth, you must be so proud! I love these colors and the images are just stunning!
  16. Apr 19-2011 , 09:50AM
    What a dress! So unique.
  17. Lisa:
    Apr 21-2011 , 11:05AM
    So lovely Elizabeth. Amazing texture. Is she laying on a coverlet? Would you share where I might find it? Merci.
  18. Apr 22-2011 , 09:22AM
    What a beautiful young lady and what an absolutely gorgeous dress. I would give my left arm for a bride in this dress!
  19. Apr 24-2011 , 05:59AM
    Beautiful Subject, Color....everything about these photos I am in love with!
  20. Apr 26-2011 , 06:09PM
    fugettaboutit. beyond.
  21. Jul 14-2011 , 02:11PM
    WOW... how is it that I only today found your website? (via The Savvy Photographer/ Julie Afflerbaugh) Your work is fabulous and very inspirational! I am completely in love with/ in awe of that dress.... could you tell us more about it?