a baby changes everything..xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 22-2011 , 01:12AM
    thank you for these precious photos! i especially LOVE that last image!
  2. Apr 22-2011 , 07:03AM
    I have not really wanted to do pictures of newborns until now. What a beautiful natural setting for a family. I love them. Just beautiful!
  3. Apr 22-2011 , 08:06AM
    That last picture is so endearing. Thanks for a great start to the morning.
  4. Apr 22-2011 , 09:19AM
    How you manage to make everything so elegant and timeless and lifted, is beyond me. It really is such a gift. You're inspiring and amazing and if I remember rightly from WPPI, you have the sweetest smiley eyes too! Lovely work as always.
  5. Apr 22-2011 , 10:01AM
    Ahhh.. I love these. So soft and lovely.
  6. Apr 25-2011 , 01:30PM
    Beautiful, beautiful newborn shoot.. I love it!
  7. Apr 25-2011 , 03:15PM
    these are breathtaking. so much love and beauty captured in one little picture.
  8. Apr 27-2011 , 10:16AM
    incredibly touching. i miss my little one as a baby - and i wish i had images like this to treasure. xo
  9. May 17-2011 , 06:42PM
    there is so much peace and beauty in this shoot
    i love it
  10. Ashley Atkinson:
    Apr 10-2012 , 01:35PM
    these are so so lovely! x