you know how the the saying goes “letting the cat out of the bag”….
well, here it goes…1st cat-i am so honored to be the photographer for
JOSE VILLA’s upcoming wedding….he will be tying the knot with his long time
love JOEL SERRATO….their wedding is going to be absolutely beautiful…..xoxo

2nd cat- one lucky someone is gonna a win a signed copy of JOSE VILLA’s book
(it is officially available on MARCH 29th) cross your fingers & leave a comment…


if you haven’t done so already you can purchase a
copy of this lovely book here: JOSE VILLA BOOK

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 17-2011 , 10:05PM
    oh I love his work and congrats to them both!
  2. Hailey:
    Mar 18-2011 , 07:41AM
    What a fantastic opportunity! I can't wait to see the photos from the wedding. And I would squeal with delight if I won the book. I definitely need it for my collection.
  3. Amy:
    Mar 18-2011 , 09:54AM
    I hope you share your work on Jose's wedding, that's wonderful news. I admire you both so much! I'd love to have this book for my coffee table! XOXO
  4. Mar 18-2011 , 06:28PM
    love your work and jose villa's! cant wait to see your images from his wedding (?) and the book!!! fingers crossed for the fab giveaway! :)
  5. Mar 19-2011 , 09:50AM
    yipee kaiyay! i just discovered you... love. ;)
  6. Maple:
    Mar 19-2011 , 11:36PM
    exciting! I would love to win this one!
  7. Mar 21-2011 , 01:18PM
    Wow! So cool!
  8. glauce:
    Mar 23-2011 , 03:02PM
    For me, please.
  9. Mar 24-2011 , 09:11AM
    What an honour for such a wonderful day! I am such a huge fan of both his & yours. Cannot say it enough ♥ (Can't wait for the book either!)
  10. Lorena Mora:
    Mar 24-2011 , 03:48PM
    Oh I'd love the book. I'm sure Jose's wedding will be awesome!
  11. Mar 26-2011 , 02:54PM
    Congrats!!! So exciting. It only makes sense:)
  12. Apr 01-2011 , 10:19AM
  13. May 09-2011 , 08:47AM
    That is so great! The photos will be amazing as they Always are. I can not wait to see them, as well as everything else you do. You are truly so inspiring!!!