“love is the beauty of the soul”
-saint augustine-

LISA VORCE…event production & design
MINDY RICE….floral & event design
ERIN SKIPLEY….hair & makeup
IVY & ASTER….lace shall
TWIGS & HONEY…headpiece
VALENTINO…silver shoes
SWEET & SAUCY….cakes
LISA HOLTZMAN….caligraphy
LA TAVOLA….linens

a little more sweetness...

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  1. lori:
    Mar 28-2011 , 12:42AM
    so incredibly divine.

    in my sweetest of dreams...my world looks and feels just like the charming, lovely, passionate, and breathtaking world you create with your artistry.
  2. Mar 28-2011 , 01:22AM
    These are absolutely gorgeous. I just can't get enough of the soft loveliness going on. Have to know— who makes those fabulous shoes? I love them!
  3. Mar 28-2011 , 03:45AM
  4. Mar 28-2011 , 05:08AM
    These photos are STUNNING!
  5. Izabela:
    Mar 28-2011 , 06:19AM
    Gorgeous! I am already married, but I'd love to re-create this post for my daughter.
  6. Mar 28-2011 , 07:30AM
    This is beyond beautiful Elizabeth!!!!
  7. Mar 28-2011 , 07:35AM
    This is just beautiful, as usual! Your work always blows us away. The styling on this is particularly fantastic. xo!
  8. Mar 28-2011 , 07:39AM
    your work is pretty much my favorite ever.
  9. Daniel Perez:
    Mar 28-2011 , 07:48AM
    Amazing! It's like looking at a dream :)
  10. Mar 28-2011 , 07:49AM
    Ridiculously good.
  11. Mar 28-2011 , 08:52AM
    *sigh* So breathtaking...I want these in a wallpaper to put up in my home....so amazingly gorgeous.
  12. Mar 28-2011 , 09:32AM
    Incredibly inspiring! The way you set up and compose your shots as well as pose the models is always refreshing and well thought out! I love every one of them!
  13. Mar 28-2011 , 10:48AM
    Thank you for this very amazing & inspiring set!!! I'm planning my own wedding and love some of these ideas!!!
  14. Mar 28-2011 , 11:27AM
    stunning photos!
  15. Mar 28-2011 , 11:50AM
    It looks like the sweetest dream :)
  16. Mar 28-2011 , 11:57AM
    My jaw dropped when I first saw this on Style Me Pretty. And I've come back several times to see it on your blog. Seriously unbelievable.
  17. Mar 28-2011 , 12:04PM
    that's one of the prettiest styled shoots i have ever seen. nice
  18. Mar 28-2011 , 01:30PM
    I my goodness this is so beautiful....that last shot!
  19. Mar 28-2011 , 01:38PM
    when I think it cannot get any better.. it does! Ohhh this is such a feast for the eyes.. thank you.
  20. Mar 28-2011 , 01:43PM
    Completely in love with your shots! Makes me wish I had followed through with my Dad's vision to row me across the pond to my wedding ceremony. Keep the gorgeous photos coming!
  21. Mar 28-2011 , 03:24PM
    That dory is absolutely amazing. Tru Love? :: SCREAMS!::

    I want to live in your world Elizabeth! It's like a fairland of romance and princes on white horses. It's magical and beautiful and I live in envy every time I Kiss the Groom. lol :)
  22. Mar 28-2011 , 03:59PM
    STUNNING, as always!!! :)
  23. Mar 28-2011 , 04:24PM
    So romantic and I love the head pieces!
  24. Mar 28-2011 , 04:36PM
    I luv luv luv these!
  25. Mar 28-2011 , 05:48PM
    I am in love with every photo! Love working with you!
  26. Mar 28-2011 , 05:51PM
    right back attcha melody...you are so sweet & saucy...xoxo
  27. Mar 28-2011 , 06:13PM
    Absolutely love it!
  28. Mar 28-2011 , 07:48PM
    wow! these are like paintings!
    absolutely beautiful!
  29. Mar 28-2011 , 09:25PM
    LOVE! xoxo
  30. Mar 28-2011 , 09:55PM
    These details are just amazing!! Beautiful, Elizabeth!
  31. Mar 29-2011 , 09:57AM
  32. Mar 29-2011 , 10:01AM
    These are sublime. The delicacy and the emotion in them is stunning, makes you coming back for more every day. Your work is fantastic.
  33. Mar 29-2011 , 11:01AM
    My favorite... ever.
  34. Apr 01-2011 , 05:21AM
    oh my goodness i am in heaven. this is glorious. every image. timeless. xo
  35. Apr 06-2011 , 08:57AM
  36. Apr 08-2011 , 09:33AM
    sublime beauty....
    possible to know about the gorgeous grey wrap? is it a blanket styled to look amazing or a designer cloak?
  37. Apr 11-2011 , 04:46AM
    [...] I ran across one of her photoshoots, Tru Luv (the full story), on her blog Kiss The Groom. (kissthegroom.com/2011/03/tru-luv-the-full-story) It is without a doubt one of the most stunning shoots I have ever seen! I just had to share! [...]
  38. Apr 12-2011 , 05:06PM
    so many of my favorite talents all in one place. How did you all not spontaneously combust from the creativity overload! Gorgeous work per usual :) xo
  39. Apr 26-2011 , 07:11AM
    SO lovely!
  40. May 12-2011 , 10:35AM
    Absolutely gorgeous!
  41. Jun 14-2011 , 01:00AM
    [...] this is beyond beautiful…  elizabeth takes super pretty pictures!  that was a kind of short blog post so here is another favourite and another…  oh just one more! [...]