this unbelievably stylish wedding was


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a little more sweetness...

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  1. Em Scott:
    Mar 01-2011 , 02:44PM
    simply lovely.
  2. Mar 01-2011 , 02:58PM
    SO Gorgeous Elizabeth!! Love every single photo....
  3. Mar 01-2011 , 03:59PM
    absolutely charming.x
  4. Mar 01-2011 , 06:18PM
    Beautiful work, as always, Elizabeth! I love that giant bird cage!
  5. Mar 01-2011 , 08:24PM
    I could say this a million times. But gahhhhh, LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  6. Mar 01-2011 , 09:59PM
    oh, goodness. too lovely.
  7. Mar 02-2011 , 12:30AM
    Elisabeth these are just amazing. Love every one of them.
  8. Mar 02-2011 , 01:08AM
    These are so beautiful and delicate! Love all of them, it shows great taste and lots and lots of love. Your photos are fabulous.
  9. Mar 02-2011 , 04:08AM
    Stunning work Elizabeth! Love...
  10. Lauren:
    Mar 02-2011 , 07:48AM
    BEAUTIFUL! Who is the brides dress made by? I love it!
  11. Mar 02-2011 , 08:22AM
    Love her hair adornments, die over the ethereal veil, but most of all- desperately gorgeous photography. Kudos as always, Elizabeth.
  12. Mar 02-2011 , 08:46AM
    You couldn't have picked a better title. Such a lovely wedding.
  13. Elizabeth:
    Mar 02-2011 , 01:19PM
  14. Kris:
    Mar 02-2011 , 04:32PM
    Where is the stunning lace hair flower from?!
  15. Mar 02-2011 , 07:12PM
    Such a gorgeous couple!
  16. Mar 02-2011 , 07:36PM
    I love the light through the brides gown. The entire color pallette is very elegant!
  17. Mar 03-2011 , 11:33AM
    I love all the's so beautiful.
  18. Mar 03-2011 , 12:42PM
    I would love to win a ticket to the SOOLIP wedding:) Is this how I enter? THANKS<3<3
  19. Mar 03-2011 , 12:51PM
    Oops, I just noticed that is is this weekend... can't make it to LA that soon. I'm a little dizzy sometimes I guess:)
  20. Mar 03-2011 , 05:50PM
    All of your work is absolutely beautiful! The little heart pastries and giant birdcage are so sweet, I adore them both!
  21. Mar 03-2011 , 07:18PM
    oh so pretty.
  22. Mar 04-2011 , 07:10PM
    You are genius
  23. Mar 04-2011 , 09:19PM
    Her dress is divine!

  24. Michelle:
    Mar 05-2011 , 09:55PM
    Stunning Photos! This location is beyond perfection, where is it?
  25. Mar 06-2011 , 02:26PM
    my jaw just hit the floor - did you hear the thud? i thought i was in love the moment i saw that plate of cookies, but then those chandeliers.... speechless!
  26. Mar 07-2011 , 06:38AM
    Amazing! LOVE the simplicity and chic-ness.
  27. Mar 10-2011 , 02:28PM
    Stunning shot taken from behind bride/groom looking out the doors. Love it!
  28. Apr 24-2011 , 04:59AM
    Gorgeous wedding photos! Love the fact that the bride and groom smile a lot! It's beautiful!
  29. May 05-2011 , 04:24PM
    Completely gorgeous!!! Holy chandeliers- AMAZING! You do really great work :)
  30. Apr 20-2012 , 05:12AM
    [...] 1.   Lovely bouquet with hits of dark brown captured by Kiss The Groom  [...]