in honor of SNIPPET & INK’s lovely wedding, i thought it would be apropos to have KATHRYN be the first ever guest post on KISS THE GROOM….i first discovered SNIPPET & INK several years ago & was mesmerized by her beautiful inspiration boards…soooo, i gave her a little challenge…i sent her a bunch of my photographs & asked her to create 3 inspiration boards with my images…. below are the result…a blend of creatives…my images & KATHRYN’s inspiration…she also shares some of her insights to planning her own beautiful wedding….may this give you lots & lots of inspiration…xoxo


in her words….

“As a wedding blogger, I’ve seen so many different weddings, and could imagine hundreds of possibilities
for my own wedding once I got engaged. I started to go a little crazy with all of the choices out there! To narrow
things down and make the planning process easier, I let our venue and wedding date dictate design choices.

One of the challenges I found with planning my own wedding was making sure
our choices were what we really wanted – spending so much time looking at other
weddings, there were trends I thought maybe I should follow, or elements I thought
maybe had been done too many times. Sticking with a classic aesthetic made choices
easier, and incorporating things we truly liked and thought our guests
would enjoy (rather than what we thought was “in” or “out”)
meant we could feel confident about our decisions.

Even the smallest thing can point your inspiration in a certain direction.
For me, it was the red and white napkin used by the restaurant where we had
our reception. Even though we didn’t use those napkins for our wedding dinner,
we did incorporate red as an accent color, which fit not only the
venue but also the winter and holiday season.

Inspiration boards can be such a great way to focus your vision into a
cohesive look, and also to communicate that vision with friends, family and vendors.
Don’t think that they have to incorporate every single idea or bit of inspiration
that you’ve collected. For example, even though there’s only one image of a cake
in my own inspiration board, I shared several cake photos with my wedding
planners and baker to give them an idea of what I liked,
and they used that to create something that I loved.”


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 31-2011 , 11:45AM
    wow, there are so beautiful. congratulations Kathryn.
  2. Mar 31-2011 , 05:02PM
    she really knows how to get it done. she's amazing with these inspiration boards!
  3. Apr 01-2011 , 12:39AM
    Thank you Lucy and Lydia! I tell you - Elizabeth makes these inspiration boards pretty darn easy with her amazing photography.
  4. Apr 01-2011 , 10:36AM
  5. Sep 22-2012 , 05:27AM
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