because life is full of love & possibility…xoxo

this shoot was styled by JOY THIGPEN for ONCE WED….
beautiful florals by MINDY RICE FLORAL DESIGN….
hair & makeup by ERIN SKIPLEY….

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 15-2011 , 12:52AM
    wow. that was stunning.
  2. Mar 15-2011 , 01:38AM
    I don't think I've ever seen anything so beautiful. Would love to know the dress designers...
  3. Mar 15-2011 , 01:42AM
    Oh my gosh! Those bed shots are ABSOLUTELY beautiful. I love the one of her sitting upright with the veil. Beautiful
  4. Mar 15-2011 , 04:30AM
    This is truly stunning, love the muted colours, and you have captured the essence of these beautiful gowns perfectly. Big-up the bloggers and all those involved in pulling this together. x
  5. Mar 15-2011 , 05:12AM
    Really lovely! Especially the peony on the flower plate and the shoes!!!
  6. Mar 15-2011 , 07:10AM
    Oh. Simply gorgeous.
  7. Mar 15-2011 , 07:27AM
    this is the most stunningly (is that a word!?) gorgeous post i've seen. i love every single detail and image.
  8. Mar 15-2011 , 08:39AM
    Seriously Stunning!!!
  9. Mar 15-2011 , 08:43AM
    Seriously stunning! I'm speechless...
  10. Mar 15-2011 , 10:07AM
    Beautiful work. You are so blessed. <3
  11. Mar 15-2011 , 10:17AM
    Absolutely stunning, Miss Messina! Breathtaking.
  12. Mar 15-2011 , 10:32AM
    Oh, these are just beautiful! Beautiful!
  13. Mar 15-2011 , 10:51AM
    There is so much beauty in this one post I could cry
  14. Mar 15-2011 , 11:01AM
    so lovely. you & your photos are a constant inspiration. each looks like it could be a painting or magazine cover... ♥
  15. Mar 15-2011 , 12:58PM
    so absolutely beautiful! love the bhldn dresses! your work is so inspiring!
  16. Mar 15-2011 , 01:30PM
    absolutely breathtaking. you never cease to amaze me. every print is a work of art.
  17. Mar 15-2011 , 04:35PM
    love the pastel colors and the very romantic feel!
  18. Mar 15-2011 , 06:24PM
    elizabeth i am totally blown away by your vision and creativity. these are amazing.
  19. Mar 15-2011 , 11:12PM
    oooooh, i have no words for this beauty!
  20. Mar 16-2011 , 03:14AM
    This whole shoot and styling is sooooo gorgeous! I can't get over that dress, 9th image down, where's it from? Great photos of an amazingly styled shoot!
  21. Mar 16-2011 , 05:48AM
    Amazing work! LOVE the pastels... and the romantic feel!
  22. Mar 16-2011 , 10:23AM
    I am blown away by this set Elizabeth. The colors are so rich and each image is so striking.
  23. Mar 16-2011 , 11:00AM
    Stunning work, always.
  24. Mar 16-2011 , 12:58PM
    You never cease to amaze me! I absolutely adore your composition - each image is so thoughtfully composed and cropped. And the dresses are all stunning. Incredible work, Elizabeth!
  25. Mar 16-2011 , 11:31PM
    LOVE, LOVE!!!! SO elegant and profound....your work is simply beautiful, always. You are such an inspiration, thank you!!!!
  26. Mar 17-2011 , 04:56PM
    so beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL. <3
  27. Mar 17-2011 , 05:29PM
    just exquisite!!!!
  28. Mar 18-2011 , 02:55AM
    Absolutely beautiful! Lovely, lovely dresses, gorgeous details and amazing photos!
  29. Mar 18-2011 , 04:01AM
    Ohhh just beautiful!
  30. Mar 19-2011 , 09:21AM
    Each image was even more beautiful than the last. Just absolutely amzingly gorgeously stunningly fabulously perfect! LOVE. You are all so talented and you inspire me.
  31. Mar 20-2011 , 04:57PM
    I adore the one of the cake. So much texture and softness.
  32. Libby:
    Mar 21-2011 , 04:32PM
    I would really love to know the dress designers also! Especially for the light blue dress.
  33. Leslie:
    Apr 11-2011 , 09:21PM
    Beautiful pictures! Who designed the light blue dress (please) ???
  34. May 14-2012 , 10:46AM
    Does anyone know where those pink rhinestone shoes are from?
  35. Jun 14-2012 , 05:38AM
    This is beautiful, i love each and every picture in this post :) sweet.
  36. Sep 27-2013 , 11:35AM
    I LOVE this shoot and I'm dying to know where the mushrooms on the cake came from. Lovely lovely lovely!