who do you pretend to be?

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 27-2011 , 06:25PM
    Love the bride with the chicken (or is that a rooster)?
  2. Elizabeth:
    Mar 28-2011 , 01:23PM
    Elizabeth, Your photography is beautiful, romantic, and inspiring. Because of your work I have taken a love for photography. Though this may be a stretch, I wondered if you could at all put up a blog post dedicated to photography tips for amateur photographers; developing style, perfect cameras to use, and how to love film. Thank you again for the constant inspiration!
  3. Apr 03-2011 , 05:30PM
    I pretend to be motivated, but I happen to be a motivated procrastinator. I pretend to be a child when, in fact, an adult. I pretend that I can fly.