this beautiful little film, takes “behind the scenes” imagery
to a whole other level…cinematographer KRISTEN* of BLISS
was completely unobtrusive & thoughtful while i created my photographs…
there is a gentle dance that takes place between artists who work side by side…
what i simply love about this BLISS piece is that it is completely & utterly
her own work of art….a delicate blend of the fashion shoot i conceptualized
(alongside a team of creatives: EDEN & ERIN SKIPLEY & FAYE DINSMORE
& JACK SNEED & LAUREN NAPIER) beautifully balanced with
moments that KRISTEN* found & created, and was able to
share her own vision through moving images…xoxo


(filmed in the french countryside at CHATEAU ST. JULIEN L’ARS)

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 22-2011 , 09:19AM
  2. laeticia:
    Mar 22-2011 , 09:21AM
    it's a beautiful piece. i'm from france so i was intrigued by the title, but now a little confused as to what makes this a 'french' film.
  3. Mar 22-2011 , 09:34AM
    Hi ! I organise weddings in France and i'm just in love with your blog!
    Thank you for all and for this video so romantic <3
  4. Mar 22-2011 , 09:51AM
    Beyond lovely...
  5. Mar 22-2011 , 09:54AM
    It's such a treasure to be able to see how you work and how another artist showcases that through their own work. Just splendid...
  6. kasansdra:
    Mar 22-2011 , 09:56AM
    wow! such amazing talent ... thanks for sharing
  7. Mar 22-2011 , 09:56AM
  8. Mar 22-2011 , 09:59AM
    i can't get enough of this beautiful work of art. your shoot was absolutely incredible and this video, it just takes it to the next level. seriously in love.
  9. Mar 22-2011 , 10:47AM
    speechless right now. Truly gorgeous and amazing to see your gorgeous photos come to life through movement. You make a fabulous team!
  10. Mar 22-2011 , 10:48AM
  11. Mar 22-2011 , 11:36AM
  12. Mar 22-2011 , 11:38AM
    So Beautiful! <3
  13. Kelly:
    Mar 22-2011 , 01:32PM
    What is the name of this song? I have heard it before, but I can not place it.. the music and the shoot are beautiful
  14. Mar 22-2011 , 01:38PM
    that was so beautiful. you guys really do make a dream(y) team!
  15. Mar 22-2011 , 01:49PM
    I just watched this three times over. Incredibly stunning. Thank you!
  16. Mar 22-2011 , 03:34PM
    The song is from the film Amelie and was written, I believe, by Yann Tiersen. It's called Comptine d'un autre ete, i'apres-midi (with correct French punctuation which I can't figure out on my computer). Gorgeous!
  17. Mar 22-2011 , 09:14PM
    Absolutely breathtaking...such an amazing work of art!
  18. Mar 22-2011 , 09:58PM
    beautiful, I love it
  19. Mar 22-2011 , 10:30PM
    gosh, how beautiful......
  20. Mar 22-2011 , 10:43PM
    I am so thrilled to see this again. I attended your WPPI class, where I saw this film for the first time, and I am so thankful that you have posted it here, so I can re-visit when ever i need a bit of inspiration. Excuse me while I watch it again.
  21. Mar 23-2011 , 06:35AM
    timeless ...
  22. Mar 23-2011 , 12:52PM
    Amazing to se the pictures come to life
  23. Mar 24-2011 , 09:03PM
    She is probably one of the prettiest people ever, and such a lovely film.