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a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 09-2011 , 10:00PM
    beautiful. I'm having blue in my wedding and that's so close to the shade of blue I like!
  2. Mar 10-2011 , 04:50AM
    Love the pictures! Especially the setting of the table and those lovely plates!
  3. Mar 11-2011 , 07:07AM
    I love the gown so elegant.. also the antique car is fantastic!
  4. Mar 11-2011 , 12:36PM
    beautiful pictures! i just love their color scheme!

    great blog - i'll definitely be back again soon for more wedding inspiration.
  5. Mar 11-2011 , 02:28PM
    Blue-tiful! as always. :)
  6. Mar 12-2011 , 02:05PM
    stunning photography
  7. Mar 12-2011 , 07:46PM
    I can never get tired of any of your images. I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! You are a true inspiration :)
  8. Mar 14-2011 , 09:37PM
    Forget the royal wedding this is the wedding event of the year. Congrats to everyone and I absolutely cannot wait to see the photos-they will be amazing!