while strolling through the streets of san francisco in search of the perfect cup of coffee…i came across this amazing wall of photographs…attached to the side of the wall…this urban wallpaper is so beautiful…i want to cover my house like this (but sadly my husband isn’t going for it)…i do not know who the artist is (or perhaps artists are) that created this wonderful street art….if anyone knows, let me know so i can properly credit them….with valentine’s day around the corner i’m feeling inspired to create something sweet with my own two hands….cut out hearts & love letters make me swoon….

wishing everyone a weekend full of art & kisses…..xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 11-2011 , 02:18PM
    too cool! what an amazing thing to stumble upon!
  2. Feb 11-2011 , 09:29PM
    Wow- that's crazy cool! Good luck with the hands-on art!
  3. Feb 12-2011 , 07:43PM
    Really cool idea! Quite nostalgic too~
  4. Feb 12-2011 , 10:27PM
    So cool to see these photos from you - they're just so different from what you usually post, but just as lovely.
  5. Feb 14-2011 , 01:18PM
    Wow I love this wall! I can't believe this is just there in the middle of the city!
  6. Feb 15-2011 , 08:43PM
    This is right by my house! I pass it all the time and just love it. And you captured the gorgeousness of it perfectly!
  7. Mar 22-2011 , 11:10PM
    Peet's Coffee on Market St. Is about as close to perfect coffee as one could get. But really nothing can compare to this art, I wish I would have seen this last time I was there. It's fantastic.