and this past week it was me…literally…

for the first time since i created KISS THE GROOM i have not posted for almost a week….i have always been an avid juggler…balancing motherhood and my love for photography, but this week i met my tipping point…in addition to my usual load of various odds & ends i was waist deep in the energy of WPPI…thank you to everyone who came to hear me speak & for all of you who took the time to email me directly, thank you so much…then to top it off, i am in the middle of fulfilling a dream…i am writing a book (with the endless help & support of JACQUELINE TOBIN of PHOTO DISTRICT NEWS)…we finished the first draft yesterday…it has been signed, sealed & shipped to our publisher…and i am reflecting on the aftermath of it all…so today i sit, in bed, surrounded by my children (who somehow inexplicably welcome me with open arms, no matter how consumed with work i have been) and i feel so grateful…grateful to those of you who shared WPPI with me…grateful to photography for taking me down this glorious windy road of life…to my sweet husband for supporting me every step of the way & for my children who always want to cuddle….and for those of you who keep coming here, wondering why i haven’t posted in so long…well, i’m back…and i have alot of little insights and inspirations to share…may you enjoy your sunday…i plan to watch the OSCARS & all the lovely fashion….some times doing nothing is the most wonderful thing in the world…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 27-2011 , 04:44PM
    I loved sitting in the second row, listening to you speak from you heart! And I'm grateful to know that I'm not the only one who hit a wall after WPPI; my blog has suffered too. Let us rejoice in being all things human; including frivolous moments that recharge our spirits.
  2. Feb 27-2011 , 04:55PM
    Enjoy doing "nothing!" In fact, take the opportunity to do more "nothing" from time to time-- it'll serve you well! :-)
  3. kasandra:
    Feb 27-2011 , 06:43PM
    it was a perfect day of nothingness for us also :) I'm glad to hear all is well and that is an absolutely stunning image of your son. Wish i could have heard you at WPPI ... I still have my fingers crossed you'll come to the east coast some time soon!
  4. Feb 27-2011 , 08:10PM
    oh the BOOK! I want to pre-oder already!! Wish I was at WPPI, maybe next year... but glad you are back to blog :) Beautiful entry and photo - as always.
  5. Feb 27-2011 , 10:37PM
    Hi Elizabeth... I saw you at WPPI and WOW! You are truly an inspiration. I had a defining moment during your presentation! Look forward to visiting your blog often and can't wait to for your book!
  6. Feb 28-2011 , 12:26AM
    the book, the book.... can't wait :))
    love the pic btw
  7. Tracy M.:
    Feb 28-2011 , 07:28AM
    Woo hoo, voted again!
  8. Feb 28-2011 , 09:53AM
    ah, yes, that thing called life. Of course, your blogposts were greatly missed; however, it seems that you were doing very necessary and wonderful things!

    I'm glad that you chose to give. :)
  9. Feb 28-2011 , 12:24PM
    Thank you for listening to my tears after your talk at WPPI. You are such a gracious and beautiful and inspiring woman. I feel blessed to have been able to listen to you!

    I cannot wait to see your book! So excited!
  10. Mar 01-2011 , 06:00AM
    Do you have any of the talks that you did at WPPI recorded to view online somewhere? I am in the UK and would love to hear you speak. Otherwise, any podcasts or anything along those lines? thanks