happy valentine’s day giveaway!
today is KISS THE GROOM’S 2nd birthday  & we
are celebrating with our loveliest giveaway ever….


“Twigs & Honey by Myra Callan is a line dedicated toward creating unique & innovative accessories that are designed to compliment & accentuate the wearer’s features. The pieces utilize both modern & old millinery techniques for assembly from hand dyeing & sewing to pressing of petals & curling of feathers. The designs are not created to follow trends but rather to create pieces that are original, beautiful & wearable. New styles are being adding regularly but all are heavily influenced by vintage fashion, patterns & textures in the natural world & fine materials. Perfect for special occasions & weddings, Twigs & Honey designs are created to work wonderfully for your event while remaining timeless in form & function for years to come.”

“Drop it MODERN© is a line of modern photography gear and luxurious backdrops that have been made famous by their rich textures, modern designs and quality materials. drop it MODERN© is the “Original Modern Backdrop Company,” that features custom made prints by owner of Drop it MODERN©, Breanne Schaap, to best accommodate every genre of the photography industry. With one touch you will feel the difference. drop it MODERN© is an inspired company, set to inspire you to enjoy chasing that creative thought in your mind.”

drop it Modern© donates a portion of the profits of every backdrop
purchased to provide clean water to thirsty people worldwide.

“I don’t remember when I fell in love with letterpress stationery, but always knew
it was in the cards for me. On the eve of my 25th birthday, my quarter-life crisis
prompted me to take the leap. My main objective was to create a collection of stationery
that was modern, minimalistic, and smart. Using a printing technique from the 15th century,
simplistic design philosophy, and only the finest papers and inks….

Our mission is to draw attention to the beautiful things in life,
while preserving our earth…one letterpressed note at a time.”


jillian creator of GIG PRESS on her wedding day

in the spirit of love & life & KISS THE GROOM & valentine’s day….
i asked the 3 talented designers to share a personal KISS & TELL story….


myra’s kiss & tell….

The day that Matt and I were married was truly an extraordinary day. We were blessed with having our loved ones near, lucky to have perfectly warm weather, and thankful for having each other. I didn’t think that I would be the bride that would get overly emotional during the ceremony, but I felt my knees get weak while facing my future husband and struggled to hold the tears back. I really don’t remember much of anything that was said during the ceremony but I mostly remember the flood of emotions and those reciprocated by my better half. When it came time for us to kiss, I recall thinking that this was really the “first” kiss ever. It would be the kiss that would signal our lives together as husband and wife. After we kissed, I remember smiling ear to ear as we were announced as husband and wife and I’m happy to say that Matt and I still flirt and kiss over 3 years later.

breanne’s kiss & tell….

“It was new years eve, and there were lots of people there. I had a crush on him for as long as I could remember.  It had been a week since our first date and I hadn’t heard from him since. I live in a small town and everyone I knew was crammed in an old rusted out shop on a cold foggy night on the outskirts of town…..Popping champange and trying to keep warm. I was wearing gold sequins from head to toe so he couldn’t miss me in the crowd….the countdown started…. 10……7……he makes his way towards me…..3…..2……1….it was sweet, soft and sexy….. and it went on and on and on…..a perfect start to the new year and the rest of my life….”

jillian’s kiss & tell….

“our first married kiss…  i look at photos, and i’m reminded of exactly how it felt…i pray i never forget the feeling!!  the all to short moment was filled with so much joy and excitement.  my heart was fluttering…and i remember trying so hard to commit the moment to my memory forever.  it was so romantic, and sweet enough for the world to see.  it truly was a taste of what was to come…of what our life would be like as mr. & mrs.  i cannot believe it’s almost been one year…. wedded bliss…time flies when you’re in love…”


another sweet little detail of GIG PRESS designs

may love & light & kisses be with you always….

one lucky girl will win stationary from GIGI PRESS….
& my favorite sea blue backrop from DROP IT MODERN &
the birdcage veil (i wish was mine) from TWIGS & HONEY

happy valentine’s day….XOXO


(to enter the contest simply write “xoxo” in your comment)

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 20-2011 , 09:10PM

    love it all, and love your blog!
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    Gorgeous items!
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    congratulations on this milestone! xoxo
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    Congrats on 2 years!
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    Happy Birthday!! XOXO
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    2 years, that's huge! Happy Birthday to you.

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    Feb 21-2011 , 02:16PM
    I've been admiring these veils for months! And that backdrop is so lovely.... xoxo
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    Just precious!

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    All of this is so lovely!!! XOXO !!!
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    very pretty!
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    Oh be still my heart! xoxo
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    xoxo :)
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    LOVING all of the posts. I love letterpress too, I think it is something about how it HAS to be held. Congrats on 2 years and thanks for all the posts!

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    So beautiful. xoxo.
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    what a blessing! XOXO
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    oh how wonderful! love all of them.
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    I love contests.
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    Happy Love Day! xoxoxo
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    Thanks for so many inspiring ideas! You are doing such a great job...
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    Lovely post! Sweet giveaway!
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    I write that to my fiance every day. Sometimes my Blackberry turns it into "socks." So he gets, "Miss you, see you soon, socks." Ha.
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