love is as they say a many splendored thing….but love is so personal, it means different things to different people…couples often seem to have there own secret language…inside jokes & sideways glances…when i was younger i absolutely believed in love at first sight…some all powerful connection that could be unveiled within a single moment…now, i suppose the years have jaded me…or rather L.O.V.E. has changed my perspective…i know find that love is tucked in between little moments & nuances of day to day life…it is not a passionate kiss (although those are wonderful) or in words of adoration (although those are wonderful too)…for me it is in all the unexpected lovely bonds that only time can bring…it is in the surviving of intense life moments & along with the ¬†mundane routines of cohabitation…it is no longer a pit in my stomach willing the phone to ring…but rather knowing it’s him & still feeling happy about it….love is a journey riddled with unexpected bumps & way too many dishes…it comes in all forms & for some when they least expect it, for others right when they need it the most…what ever leg of the journey you are on, try your best to embrace it…even if you are desperately waiting phone the phone to ring…each & every nuanced moment of life is full of some nugget of sweetness….sometimes i actually miss the dull ache of not knowing…but more often than not, i feel lucky…those who know some of the details of my life might think i am a bit loopy to feel lucky after all i have encountered….i feel lucky to be on the journey…and to have found my own little sweet space where love exists….my home, my life is exactly where i want to be……xoxoxoxoxo

& that must be L.O.V.E.

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Lynn:
    Feb 06-2011 , 12:04PM
    Wonderful analysis of the word. L.O.V.E. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Feb 06-2011 , 12:13PM
    Oh Elizabeth...I just love your words + point of view. Your life looks beautiful even to us outsiders too! :)
  3. Feb 06-2011 , 07:32PM
    love is tucked away in the little moments <3 thanks for sharing your journey with us!
  4. Feb 07-2011 , 12:21AM
    Absolutely beautiful post and so is your dear heart. Lucky are those who your sweet L.O.V.E. encompasses. xo
  5. Feb 07-2011 , 12:57AM
    Great picture ! Very original !
  6. Feb 07-2011 , 05:00PM
    this is just what i needed today. thanks for this, it's beautiful
  7. Feb 08-2011 , 02:17PM
    thank you :)
    so well said and wise.
    every day of being in love amazes me, cause i thought i knew what love was the day before.
    love is so sweet.
  8. Feb 09-2011 , 08:04PM
    You have a way with words... and of course beautiful pictures :o) What a wonderful journey ...
  9. Feb 11-2011 , 05:13PM
    Sigh... So well said. Thank you for sharing. You put a smile on my face.