last fall i had the pleasure of photographing
a beautiful spread for BRIDES MAGAZINE….

the story was was photographed at the LOVELY BRIDE
if you live in new york, you are so lucky because you can visit
the LOVELY BRIDE whenever you like…if you haven’t yet seen
the newest issue of BRIDES, go pick it up…the seven page spread
is in 16 markets across the country…happy monday….xoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 28-2011 , 01:07PM
    So lovely.
  2. Feb 28-2011 , 01:58PM
    I love the dress that is covered at the front and open at the back with the flower petal belt, it looks amazing!
  3. Feb 28-2011 , 05:04PM
    Ridiculously stunning !!!
  4. Feb 28-2011 , 08:22PM
    beautiful shoot!!
  5. Mar 01-2011 , 07:17AM
    Gorgeous! The ones of her back where she only has the skirt on are my favorite, you are such an inspiration!
  6. Mar 01-2011 , 04:24PM
    Your soul must be beautiful, because I can see it in all of your images.
  7. Mar 02-2011 , 07:15PM
    So Beautiful!
  8. May 17-2011 , 01:36AM
    [...] cred: {the photography genius that is: elizabeth messina} definition cred: {the internet genius that [...]