this CHIC WINE COUNTRY wedding is in
a contest & elizabeth messina needs your help…

CLASSIC PARTY RENTALS is holding the contest on FACEBOOK

this beautiful  napa valley wedding was designed my MAXINE ANDREW

soooo, here are the details….
you can vote once a day until march….
i’ve been making it part of my morning ritual…coffee & voting…
& i would be so grateful if you would join me in voting once a day
for the next couple of weeks….as they say, it takes a village…so i am
reaching out to my KISS THE GROOM village….the winning event
is named THE MOST FABULOUS EVENT OF 2010 & wins an
amazing prize, so thank you kindly in advance ….xoxoxoxo

after you VOTE,  you can email if you like so i can thank you personally

wishing you a lovely day full of design & style….
thank you for your support….xoxoxo


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 16-2011 , 07:21AM
    Really love the mirror idea!
  2. Feb 16-2011 , 07:57AM
    Where is this location? It is spectacular!
  3. Feb 16-2011 , 10:43AM
    The location is Beaulieu Garden in the Wine Country.
  4. Feb 16-2011 , 11:19AM
    We love the mirror being used for place seating! How creative is that?! We just got back from wine country so we can definitely appreciate a beautiful wedding there.
  5. Feb 16-2011 , 12:01PM
    I agree, the mirror idea looks amazing!
  6. Feb 16-2011 , 12:28PM
    yikes! our lead is slipping... please vote! many thanks!
  7. Feb 16-2011 , 06:59PM
    Exquisite in every way. Those chair covers are so delicate and the seating chart mirror is genius.
  8. Feb 16-2011 , 07:46PM
    Wow looks like a dream wedding! The photographs are absolutely stunning! Just voted! :)
  9. Feb 16-2011 , 08:12PM
    Love the whole setting of the wedding!!! Elegant, natural, and unique! Absolutely love the flowers pinned onto the chairs and the huge mirror!
  10. Feb 17-2011 , 06:24AM
    Oh gosh, I love the idea of the mirror and the long table.. it's amazing.

    I've voted :)

    Good luck!
  11. Feb 17-2011 , 01:37PM
    I'll be making it a part of my morning ritual to vote for you, too! I love these pictures of your wedding, absolutely stunning all around. You definitely deserve to win- so count me in to support you!

    P.S. Congratulatios!
  12. Chiame Ellie:
    Feb 17-2011 , 09:54PM
    Just voted! Good luck!
  13. Feb 18-2011 , 07:49AM
    This is absolutely stunning. The location is to die for!
  14. Feb 20-2011 , 03:07PM
    Oh gosh, looks like a dream wedding!!!!
  15. Feb 21-2011 , 06:19AM
  16. Cecilia:
    Mar 30-2011 , 07:59PM
    Beautiful wedding! Not sure if you'll know this or not, but any idea where I can find out who the designer of her dress is?
  17. Apr 18-2012 , 04:34AM
    The picture with the heart is tbe best one.. Its adorable and lovely..