to love & be loved…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. gina moore:
    Jan 20-2011 , 12:24AM
  2. Jan 20-2011 , 01:14AM
    I'm loving her hair, smile and the sleeves of the dress!
  3. Jan 20-2011 , 04:52AM
    today is my birthday. and this is one of my desires. thank you for posting something so sweet and simple and heart-warming. I know it was coincidence, but I love it. Thank you.
  4. Jan 20-2011 , 08:00AM
    What a lovely post! I think every girl just wants to be loved!
  5. Jan 20-2011 , 08:34AM
    LOVE her hair! Gorgeous photos!
  6. Maud:
    Jan 20-2011 , 10:31AM
    Your photos are so beautiful <3 I'm loving all of these photos !
    I have one question : what kind of photography material are you using? The model of camera and the different lenses. Thanks

    Best wishes !
  7. Jan 20-2011 , 11:14AM
    my main camera is a contax 645
    with an 80mm zeiss lense....all of
    my color images are created with
    fuji film...hope that helps....xoxo
  8. Jan 20-2011 , 03:20PM
    I'm enchanted with that dress/ beautiful.
  9. Jan 20-2011 , 06:13PM
    I never knew that you shot film. As always, just beautiful. I especially love the last one.

    p.s. Any ideas where I can get hair like that? ;)
  10. Alecia Garriott:
    Feb 01-2011 , 07:05PM
    where is this dress from, or who makes it? in love
  11. Maja:
    Mar 26-2011 , 11:03AM
    I have the same question as alecia, how do I get this dress? Also the photos are AMAZING, there is something about her hair, the dress, and time of day that just make these photos timeless. Love Love Love
  12. Mar 26-2011 , 11:21AM
    this lovely dress is by Delphine Manivet....xoxo
  13. Mar 26-2011 , 11:22AM
  14. Aug 17-2013 , 05:49PM
    I absolutely love your photography, and if possible would love to shoot with you. I'm getting married next fall and your photographs capture such beauty.