this lovely shoot was in SHAKER VILLAGE….

where i was lucky enough to photograph all day long….

the countryside was beautiful & if you pick up the newest issue of KENTUCKY BRIDE

there is a wonderful 15 page spread on bridesmaids style….

here are some some of my favorite images….

something special about the south…i love it….

i don’t usually show so many images…but i just couldn’t decide….soooo

sit back & enjoy…..

the shaker moto “we make you kindly welcome” is so charming….

L.O.V.E. & grey dresses….

and amazing TWIGS & HONEY headpieces….

and amber colored leaves falling from the lushish trees….

i can’t quite put my finger on what makes the south so sweet…..

it may be the rolling hills…or the soul food…or maybe just the sweet slow drawl tickling my ears….

i love the time i’ve spent in kentucky & can’t wait to come back…..

to see more of these beautiful southern bells & find out
the details about the dresses find yourself a copy of

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 10-2011 , 03:41AM
    WOW!!! What a stunning shoot... love all the colours!!
  2. Jan 10-2011 , 07:22AM
    Hello! I am a photographer in the Lexington, Ky area...I was gone for the Kentucky Bride show...and so sad that I was because I would have loved to have heard you speak!! Anyway, I love Shaker Village, and actually shot a wedding at that exact spot this past did such a wonderful job capturing it...and Kentucky in general. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration :)
  3. Jan 10-2011 , 09:11AM
    oh goodness, I love these.
  4. Jan 10-2011 , 09:20AM
    my pintrest color boards thank you! this is gorgeous.
  5. Jan 10-2011 , 09:36AM
    AMAZING... love the beautiful colors...
  6. Jan 10-2011 , 10:09AM
    E, this shoot is just breathtaking! your work always touches my heart in some way or another :)
  7. Jan 10-2011 , 10:49AM
    As a girl born & raised in Kentucky, you captured my beautiful home state beautifully!! Love it!
  8. Jan 10-2011 , 11:23AM
    Wow, Elizabeth, what beautiful photos! Congratulations for the great work.
  9. Jan 10-2011 , 11:28AM
    Where, oh where did those amazing hat boxes come from?
  10. Jan 10-2011 , 12:54PM
    Amazing shoot! These dresses are stunning, and the colours are fantastic! The silver one is the best!
  11. Jan 10-2011 , 10:04PM
    These are gorgeous. We go regularly there for dinner in the summer, where they serve local foods. Elizabeth, please come back and visit, it was so nice to meet you.
  12. Jan 11-2011 , 08:34PM
    The colors are amazing. Most of all I love the happy & blissfully feeling. My heart smiled from beginning to end.
  13. Jan 11-2011 , 10:28PM
    The photos are amazing and I love seeing the gray dresses from my store!

    The hatboxes are a traditional oval Shaker box and can be bought here...

    We'd love to have y'all again back in the Bluegrass!
  14. Jan 12-2011 , 09:58AM
    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
  15. Jan 12-2011 , 01:30PM
    Every single image is a masterpiece. Your work is amazing!!
  16. Jan 20-2011 , 07:24AM
    [...] sure most bridesmaids appreciate. Make sure to check out lots of other gorgeous dresses from this photo shoot by photographer Elizabeth Messina. (via Snippet & Ink)(via Kiss the [...]
  17. Jan 20-2011 , 09:57AM
    [...] This spread of photos by Elizabeth Messina scooped from her Kiss the Groom blog makes me wish I had a reason to buy a cute little dress. In gorgeous shades of pink, gray, violet and teal, these are not your mama’s dresses. And Elizabeth Messina’s photography brings this Kentucky Bride spread to life. Check it out here… [...]
  18. Aliza:
    Jan 21-2011 , 11:05AM
    Does anyone know where to purchase the grey/silver dresses? I love them but don't live in Kentucky - and haven't had much luck googling the info I found on the Kentucky Brides site. Thanks!
  19. AbberJabber:
    Jan 21-2011 , 08:58PM
    Love, love, LOVE the short purple dresses - beautiful color! Any information about where to find them?
  20. Jenelle:
    Jan 14-2012 , 07:51PM
    Can anyone tell me where the short purple dresses are from? I love them!