“When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.”
~ by Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973) ~


Styling: Jacqueline Weppner @ MERCI NEW YORK
Flowers: Kathleen Hyppolite @ KAT FLOWER
Hair: Michelle Lo Conte @ PINK COMB SALON
Makeup: Lauren Iavarone @ EXPERT MAKEUP ARTISTRY

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 13-2011 , 04:47AM
    Wow these are just mesmerizing! I love your work, it's beyond beautiful.
  2. Jan 13-2011 , 06:06AM
    By far one of my favorite postings! Amazing work as always and thank you so much for sharing! Were these taken on film, by chance? This post was great inspiration for me as I start my day! Blessings.
  3. Jan 13-2011 , 07:29AM
    lovely as a dream.
  4. Jan 13-2011 , 01:41PM
    So refreshingly beautiful
  5. Jan 13-2011 , 06:18PM
    simply gorgeous. there are no words to express how much i love dahlias.
  6. Jan 13-2011 , 07:08PM
    Stunning. Completely. Stunning.
  7. Jan 13-2011 , 07:37PM
    Wowzers. This session is just amazing. Soooooo ammmmmazing. swoon.
    Who is the photographer?
  8. Jan 13-2011 , 07:40PM
    I thought this blog was too awesome to be a single photographer, my mistake! You're awesome Elizabeth.
  9. Kasandra:
    Jan 13-2011 , 08:51PM
    Could all these dresses be any more beautiful?!
  10. Jan 14-2011 , 03:38AM
    Pure Art!
  11. Jan 14-2011 , 07:51AM
    What a beautiful shoot about gorgerous lace dresses! The high necked lace one with lace sleeves is my favourite!
  12. Jan 14-2011 , 09:15AM
    Lovely shots - Great job and a very nice blog. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Jan 14-2011 , 03:02PM
    Stunning photos! I really LLLLove the one with the woman wearing the veil and boots and sitting cross-legged in the chair.
  14. Jan 21-2011 , 09:15AM
    Beautiful work - just love the feel and the subtle colours.