is a wonderful basketball coach….

those of you who regularly visit KISS THE GROOM know how much i love to share images of our children….but today i wanted to take a minute to gush about my sweet husband (i adore him of course) & i would not be able to embrace photography with such devotion without his support…

over the last couple of years, he started a basketball program…it started because of our eldest daughter’s love of basketball…so he built a team from scratch with beautiful Mykela & our niece, Jari as the foundation…. and they have won ALOT of tournaments….it has been amazing to watch the team develop….these girls are fantastic athletes….and i think my husband may be a bit of a saint….he not only runs practices & goes to tournaments all over the place…he also picks up any player that doesn’t have a ride to practice…he is so generous with his time & knowledge….let me take a moment to gush even further…sorry but i am so proud i cannot help myself….his devotion is giving these children confidence & opportunities they would not have otherwise….they are strong capable athletes.

my husband, Lee Moore was/is an incredibly talented basketball player….he played not only at a Division One college, but also professionally in Holland, China & Indonesia….he has trained with some very prestigious coaches & has learned so much along the way…i admire they way he selflessly gives his time & commitment to developing young athletes….it is so inspiring to watch….

about a year ago he decided to try make his program a non-profit organization…
i secretly rolled my eyes when i saw the mounds of paperwork he to fill out…it was
a long & tedious process but he did it….he now has a 501C (#27-1457827) and
ALT ELITE CLUB BASKETBALL is an official non-profit
devoted to the development of young athletes….

if any of you live in southern california (santa barbara to calabasas) & have a child interested in basketball, he is always trying new players out….feel free to email my husband (& head coach) directly at …..he also has an academy for developing new players…

his basketball program runs on good will &
donations….if you want to support his program
contributions are greatly appreciated….

P.O.BOX 23236
Ventura, CA 93002


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Ingrid:
    Jan 06-2011 , 06:45AM
    Congratulations to your daughter and her team! They are beaming from ear to ear as is your husband. A happy day for sure and one to be proud of. Brings back so many good memories.
  2. Merryl:
    Jan 07-2011 , 12:25AM
    Who has ever seen such an adorable team or such an adorable husband???!!!!
  3. Jan 16-2011 , 11:25AM
    This is too sweet! It sounds like your hubby is truly wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
  4. Mom:
    Jan 16-2011 , 01:04PM
    I agree with you that Lee is a truly amazing, husband, father and coach. He is really a wonderful man.
  5. Jan 16-2011 , 05:49PM
    Growing up with a sister who was and still is a basketball star made my life so complete. My father was more than a dad. A coach , A mentor. These images are absolutely reminiscent of my childhood and of a dedicated father. If the team is EVER in the CT area my sis is now a head coach of a University there and would love to have him visit. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Jan 17-2011 , 09:52AM
    I love your passion for Lee, and his passion for developing young athletes. It takes me back to my day as a basketball player, and love for the sport!
  7. Elaine:
    Jan 21-2011 , 03:22PM
    LOVE these!