lays somewhere beneath a sheet of lace & the last
drop of light through a windowpane….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 19-2011 , 12:33AM
    AMAZING! The thumbnail made me think of Steichen or Steglitz, which immediately made stop EVERYTHING and comment..... Stunning work!!!!
  2. Jan 19-2011 , 12:08PM
    <3 is all I have to it!
  3. Jan 19-2011 , 02:09PM
    These pictures are so beautiful... I wish you could take pictures of the love that is floating here in my house: pictures of my darling and me, pictures of my very round belly, pictures of my wonderful daugther... Very inspiring...
  4. Kasandra:
    Jan 19-2011 , 06:52PM
    Looks so different for you ... But absolutely gorgeous! You have such a gift!
  5. Jan 19-2011 , 11:21PM
    Your images make me a good way.
  6. Jan 19-2011 , 11:51PM
    Agreed. I thought of our grandfathers of photography as soon as the sweet image appeared, and the poetry made it even more beautiful. I was just off to bed and had to check your blog before leaving my desk. So glad I did!
  7. Jan 20-2011 , 07:59AM
    Beautiful image!!
  8. Taryn:
    Jan 20-2011 , 09:57AM
    Hauntingly gorgeous.
  9. Jan 20-2011 , 07:35PM
    completely transported back in time. yes, hauntingly beautiful.
  10. Jan 21-2011 , 10:02AM
  11. Jan 21-2011 , 04:23PM
    I'm going crazy over this pic!!!
  12. Jan 24-2011 , 03:59AM