most of you know i was married to the love of my life nearly 3 years ago…but what you prbably don’t know if that the one place we registered was WILLIAM SONOMA…you see i sort of consider my self a bit of a chef…well, untrained for sure….but i love cooking…and even more than that i love pretty things in my kitchen….look at this lovely pot of coq au vin in my favorite LE CREUSET pot from  WILLIAM SONOMA (i secretly think my LE CREUSET pot makes anything i put in it taste better;)

we also are the proud owners of a beautiful set of ALL CLAD pots and pans (again thanks to our lovely WILLIAM SONOMA wedding registry)…every morning jasmine helps me make her scrambled eggs in a little ALL CLAD pan (now, i don’t want to brag, but jasmine says i make the best scrambled eggs ever)…i truly think when you have lovely appliances in your kitchen, it makes it a place you want to be….so trust yourself….let your inner chef free & fill your kitchen with beautiful pots & pans….i promise, everything will taste & look better…..these are the beautiful ALL CAD pans we have….

and of course, it is no secret that i am a coffee devote….my morning routine looks a little like this….

the sweetest thing about my coffee is this….one of my closest friends gave us the beautiful cannister set from our WILLIAM SONOMA registry…so every morning while i make my strong yummmy coffee, i think of her….and here are some of the things currently on my WILLIAM SONOMA wish list….

what’s on yours?? see here’s the thing….WILLIAM SONOMA is offering a $200 gift certificate to a lucky KISS THE GROOM follower

So, how do you enter to win the $200 Williams-Sonoma gift certificate?

1st visit to create your registry….

2nd….leave a comment here (on kiss the groom) to let me know that you created
your registry & tell me what your favorite WILLIAM SONOMA registry item is.

If you already have a registry, don’t worry! You’re eligible too.
Just go to your registry, add at least one new item and leave a
comment here that includes the new item you added.

If you want to receive an extra entry, include a link to your public registry in your comment.

winning is oh so sweet….

good luck from us & WILLIAM SONOMA

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a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 20-2010 , 05:06PM
    I LOVE Williams Sonoma and they have so many lovely items but I have dreaming about having a kitchen aid for the last 5 years!

    Here is my registry:
  2. jane:
    Dec 20-2010 , 05:10PM
    love love william sonoma! just added the flip & tumble produce bags. our registry link:
  3. Dec 20-2010 , 06:51PM
    My family and I have never owned Willams Sonoma so this would be a wonderful gift. I would use the giveaway to give my mom her 27th wedding anniversary gift to a wedding that she never got. She also enjoys cooking and glows in the kitchen when she does. Thanks for this opportunity!

    Any new sets of cookware would be a favorite :)

    Wasn't able to find the public link of my registry. Perhaps this will work?
  4. Liz:
    Dec 20-2010 , 07:02PM
    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. I love Williams-Sonoma so much. Cooking & photography are probably my two favorite things. Unfortunately moving throughout college has left my apartment lacking so my wish list is rather large...

    My favorite item is definitely the Le Creuset Teakettle in Dijon.
    Hot tea is the best way to end the long cold winter nights in the midwest.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway and have a happy holiday season.
  5. Dec 20-2010 , 07:18PM
    I love love love William Sanoma! My favorite thing on my registry is a Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Up Mixer. It's beautiful and I can't wait to receive it!
  6. Dec 20-2010 , 07:20PM
    Love William Sonoma. My favorite thing from there is our orange kitchen aid mixer. Orange is my favorite color :)

    Such a lovely treat!

  7. Aimee C:
    Dec 20-2010 , 08:22PM
    Thanks for this giveaway!

    My favorite thing is the Kitchenaid pro mixer in Nickel Pearl. I love most items though!
    I just added the Heritage Bundt cake pan - gorgeous!

    Here is our link:
  8. Elizabeth:
    Dec 20-2010 , 08:59PM
    Just registered...received the love of cooking from my great grandmother. I have dreamed of owning a nice set of flatware.
  9. Jenn L:
    Dec 20-2010 , 09:12PM
    I just created a registry, and began falling in love with a couple dozen things! I added a cake stand, pizza peel, and some gorgeous Le Crueset cookware to my registry...maybe too late for Christmas, but now I have some great birthday ideas!
  10. Maggie:
    Dec 20-2010 , 09:45PM
    Just registered...hoping to get a Le Creuset tea kettle!
  11. Maggie:
    Dec 20-2010 , 09:45PM to my registry here:
  12. Samantha:
    Dec 20-2010 , 11:26PM
    I would really love a Le Creuset Classic oval dutch oven, in cream. I have wanted one for years...
  13. Samantha:
    Dec 20-2010 , 11:44PM
    Also, I have a registry, and here it is....
  14. lindsey:
    Dec 21-2010 , 08:20AM
    I already have a WS registry but after seeing those adorable cannisters, I went and added them to mine! xo
  15. Maria Malaveci:
    Dec 21-2010 , 10:35AM
    I absolutely love Williams Sonoma! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway. If I win, I will put it toward a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, that I have been wanting forever. $200 toward it would be awesome!

    I already had a registry created, and so I went and added: OXO Pop Containers, Set of 10
    Item #: 58-1731645

  16. Dec 21-2010 , 01:19PM
    OMG I had so much fun creating my gift registry. There were endless products to drool over, that are not only beautiful but practical. My favorite items are the artisan ruffled pie dish and loaf gorgeous and perfect for entertaining. I also love the Beaba baby food maker and the coordinating travel bag...we're expecting in the Spring, and these products couldn't be more perfect. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I'd be so ecstatic and blessed to wiin this amazing contest!
  17. Dec 21-2010 , 01:45PM
    What fun! I've added the Rösle Rotary Cheese Grater to my registry which can be viewed here:
  18. Lisamarie:
    Dec 21-2010 , 02:56PM
    I just created my first registry!! The link to the registry is the following:

    Sean and I are getting married on January 28, 2012 - the week of our 10th anniversary. We would love the Calphalon Frittata pans after seeing them in action at a demonstration held at our local Williams Sonoma. We love their classes!!
  19. Heather:
    Dec 21-2010 , 03:48PM
    I would love to own the beautiful champagne glasses! They are so beautiful!

  20. Dec 21-2010 , 04:23PM
    I would LOVE a french press. Amazing!
  21. Dec 21-2010 , 08:10PM
    Our first registry!

    We made stemware a priority. We keep breaking wine glasses around the house. It seems we'd be safer drinking out of plastic but we thought we'd give tumblers a shot so we stuck several sets of the monogrammed Reidel Wine Tumblers on there!

    Drew and Margie
  22. Dec 21-2010 , 09:00PM
    i would love the classic kitchen aid my all time favorite :)
  23. Gail:
    Dec 21-2010 , 11:42PM
    I created my registry and my favorite is the Classic Red Le Creuset Dutch Oven, 6-3/4 quart.
  24. Gail:
    Dec 21-2010 , 11:42PM
  25. Dec 22-2010 , 02:18PM
    I so enjoy a glass of full-bodied cabernet in the evening, and have always thought of how wonderful it would be to own a beautiful set of Reidel stemware. Alas, it's never been a financial priority! This would be a marvelous gift. :-)

    Here is the link to my registry:

    Thank you!!
  26. Mia:
    Dec 22-2010 , 11:00PM
    We. Love. Williams-Sonoma. Insanely.

    Just added a dutch oven (can't believe it wasn't on there already!) at
  27. Maria Malaveci:
    Dec 23-2010 , 08:41AM
    Oops read the directions wrong, and didn't realize you could get an extra comment in! Here it is!

    I already had a registry created, and so I went and added: OXO Pop Containers, Set of 10
    Item #: 58-1731645
  28. Amanda I:
    Dec 23-2010 , 06:21PM
    Williams-Sonoma is the only place we've registered!
    I just added a flour sifter because it seems everything I want to bake these days calls for one.

    Our registry is at

  29. Dec 23-2010 , 10:36PM
    I just added the All-Clad d5 Stainless Steel Sauté/Simmer Pan, 4-Qt . I hope that I get it, so that I can make stir-fries, delicate sauces, and sauteed vegetables!

  30. Diane:
    Dec 24-2010 , 09:01AM
    We are still rolling with a KitchenAid mixer from the 1940's. It works great, but I love the look of the more modern design.
  31. Dec 24-2010 , 09:38AM
    Hi Elizabeth... I absolutely love Williams Sonoma... so thank you so much for this giveaway...

    I registered for the Cuisinart Soup Maker, Registry ID: 2620495
    I love hot soup on a cold day and this would save so much time... which means more time to spend on taking pictures :)

    Happy Holidays... and thank you again...
  32. Dec 26-2010 , 12:47PM
    I already have a registry and just added the Meatball Grill Basket.
  33. Julie:
    Dec 27-2010 , 01:20AM
    My favorite item from Williams-Sonoma is the Shun Edo utility knife. Thanks!
  34. Michael Voulelis:
    Dec 29-2010 , 08:04AM
    My favorite item at Williams Sonoma is: The KitchenAid Artisan Mixer!
  35. Michael Voulelis:
    Dec 29-2010 , 08:04AM
    Here is the link to my registry for an extra entry:
  36. Jiza:
    Dec 29-2010 , 01:29PM
    I adore WS almost as much as I adore your blog!
    I go in there and stay for hours just mulling about dreaming of all the fancy gadgets I want to play with in my kitchen. My favorite item on our registry is the monogramed stemware. Both me and my better half are notorious for breaking glasses while washing them, which is why we registered for so much stemware.
  37. Dec 29-2010 , 02:46PM
    I love Williams Sonoma! My favorite item is the Le Creuset Dutch Oven.
  38. cassidi:
    Dec 30-2010 , 03:29PM
    I love all things WS!! I really want the panini press.
  39. cassidi:
    Dec 30-2010 , 03:30PM
    The link to my registry is:
  40. Shannen:
    Dec 30-2010 , 05:09PM
    Best giveaway ever! Telling family and friends NOW! :) Best of luck to all...

    Here's my registry:
  41. Anna:
    Dec 30-2010 , 05:11PM
    It's difficult to choose my favorite item. If I had to choose just one, it would be the Wusthof knife set.
  42. Denise:
    Dec 30-2010 , 05:51PM
    Just made my registry after my daughter told me about this contest. Lovely photography on your site, and such a nice contest for you to sponsor. Thank you!
  43. Stephanie:
    Dec 30-2010 , 06:39PM
    Love Williams Sonoma...hopeful!
  44. Dec 30-2010 , 09:04PM
    Oh to chop like Giada - perhaps a Shun Edo Utility Knife would help do the trick! Thank you Elizabeth! xo
  45. Liz:
    Jan 01-2011 , 04:35AM
    I just registered and added a Le Creuset dutch oven! I love Le Creuset!
  46. Judith LaFaver:
    Jan 02-2011 , 09:28AM
    Just in case this isn't closed.

    I just put a griddle pan on my registry because my sweetie likes to make pancakes in the morning and I feel this is a habit that should be encouraged!

    I love how peaceful and inspirational your blog is. It isn't crammed with stuff to buy or advice to give. It just shows off beautiful images and words.
  47. Jan 02-2011 , 08:29PM
    What a fun giveaway! I just added All-Clad Stainless Steel Canisters to our registry!
    Here's a link to our registry!