the celebration is winding down…the presents are open…wrapping paper strewn around the living room…there is a let down & a bit of relief that has descended upon our home…mykela is doing the dishes in her new skinny jeans…malik is perfecting his turns on the scooter santa brought him…& jasmine is having a tea party with her dolls wearing a tutu & her butterfly backpack…i feel happy surrounded by stillness that followed the chaos & thrill the holidays bring with them….i feel lucky to be exhausted & full….i know there are many who spend the holidays alone…so as i lay in bed, (yes bed way after what anyone would consider a reasonable hour) i am overcome with gratefulness…my messy house winks at me, as i go for my second cup of coffee, as if we are sharing a secret…happy day after…may your heart be as full as your belly….may your mess be as big as your celebration…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 26-2010 , 01:44PM
    Lovely words that truly encompass the beauty of family celebrations....
  2. Dec 27-2010 , 02:39AM
    Merry Christmas! Beautiful insight...very well said!
  3. Dec 27-2010 , 09:26AM
    Oh Elizabeth~ Beautiful, visual sentiments. I agree.
    Hmmm. I can't seem to remember if you've published books with your writing and personal photographs.
    Pleeeaaase do so soon! Your books would be wonderful gifts for my family and friends and my nightstand!

  4. Dec 27-2010 , 02:12PM
    i think i love your poems/short essays as much as your photography ... if that is possible!
  5. Genesee:
    Dec 27-2010 , 07:16PM
    Beautiful! Brings my heart peace. Cheers! <3<3<3 xoxo
  6. Dec 29-2010 , 10:50PM
    Beautifully said.
  7. Jan 09-2011 , 01:43PM
    Oh wow. What a gorgeous, soothing compilation of pics.
    Just beautiful.
  8. Laura:
    Jun 01-2012 , 10:30PM
    Do you have any information on the fur stole in the bottom right image (the one with the bride holding a pink flower). I am looking for something exactly like this for my wedding.