tis the season….

for sweetness…for kisses…and for giving….

so, do i have a gift for you….this beautiful box full of cards & goodies
created by the ever so talented & sweet ICING DESIGNS….& the super
cute KISS garland….perfect for a photo or a doorway (like mistletoe;)

so if you’d like all the treasures in this box to be yours….

leave a comment & make a wish….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Hannah:
    Dec 14-2010 , 01:05PM
    I would love this adorable giveaway to share with my sweet family!
  2. Bethany Sommer:
    Dec 14-2010 , 01:25PM
    My fingers are crossed that you will pick me!
  3. Micaela Vega:
    Dec 14-2010 , 02:19PM
    The cards are so cute and I'm sure the chocolate tastes divine. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with readers from around the world.
  4. Brittney:
    Dec 14-2010 , 03:16PM
    Your website is so inspirational! This would be a lovely surprise to have for the holidays...
    My wish is to remember to live one day at a time and that everyone would feel love in their life.
  5. Dec 14-2010 , 03:25PM
    Santa...I hope you're listening! I want this sooooooooo bad!!! I've been a good girl all year....I <3 Icing Designs! Please Santa...oh please! please! please!
  6. Heather:
    Dec 14-2010 , 04:01PM
    This is such a wonderful giveaway. Good luck to everyone! Also, happy holidays to you and your family Kiss the Groom. I love your pictures and your sweet words!
  7. Lynn:
    Dec 14-2010 , 04:44PM
    Wishing for luck!
  8. Jessica:
    Dec 14-2010 , 04:53PM
    Oh, I would love to win!
    My wish...is that the boy I like would like me back ;)
  9. Dec 14-2010 , 07:20PM
    i wish, i wish , i wish!
  10. Mary McIlvaine:
    Dec 14-2010 , 07:30PM
    I need something to keep my chin up. sigh.
  11. Dec 14-2010 , 08:32PM
    Wishin', and hopin' and prayin' and lovin'.....;)
  12. Kat:
    Dec 14-2010 , 11:13PM
    I'm making my wish...
  13. Mia:
    Dec 14-2010 , 11:38PM
    Love the French Macarons cards!
  14. BethM:
    Dec 15-2010 , 12:34AM
    Longing for the moment when I step off the plane in Kenya to see my sweet family - my 7yr old sister holding up her handmade sign. Nearly two years since returning home, it will be my Christmas wish fulfilled.
  15. Elyse G.:
    Dec 15-2010 , 05:16AM
    the cards look absolutely adorable. It would be so great to win them so I no longer have to scour CVS for the 1 cute card
  16. Dec 15-2010 , 06:21AM
    wishing to start my family someday soon , wishing it was easier.
  17. Dec 15-2010 , 09:09AM
    I wish to find a way through photography to express feelings...
    I wish to learn about myself one day..
    I wish to find the relationship between the natural word and things..

    Have a great Christmas Time!
  18. Jaclyn:
    Dec 15-2010 , 09:55AM
    Wishing..for this box of goodness. :)
  19. Dec 15-2010 , 11:01AM
    What a lovely giveaway...I wish that I will make it through another quarter of school...with a full time job and full time schedule of school this last quarter was a bit tough...
  20. Ingrid:
    Dec 15-2010 , 11:06AM
    This box is full of beauty. Hoping and wishing to share some of the beauty contained in it. Closing my eyes and crossing my fingers.
  21. Ginger:
    Dec 15-2010 , 01:07PM
    Always love your blog!
    I wish.... for a cupcake!! The cupcakes on those cards made me hungry;)
  22. Dec 15-2010 , 01:36PM
    I love you and I love your blog and this would be an amazing gift! So here is a huge wish....please wish fairies grant me this one thing..for now!
  23. rodjsr:
    Dec 15-2010 , 01:56PM
    I wish for a full time job so I will stop entering giveaways...who am I kidding, I wouldn't stop. who doesn't love free?!
  24. Dec 15-2010 , 02:06PM
    Such a treasure box of sweetness and a fun give away! Thank you! A wish...hmmm...that one day we get 122+ comments on our blog. :)
  25. Dec 15-2010 , 07:12PM
    my wish is for health & happiness for all... :)
  26. eb:
    Dec 15-2010 , 07:52PM
  27. Dec 15-2010 , 08:11PM
    Nice to see beautiful things after a hard day of work. I wish that more parents could protect and love the kids they have, so we (I"m a cps social worker) would not have to remove them. I REALLY wish that with all my heart.
  28. Jennie:
    Dec 15-2010 , 08:26PM
    how ethereal this box of lovelies is! i wish that everyone would acknowledge that HE is the reason for the season, merry christmas!
  29. Priscilla:
    Dec 16-2010 , 09:44AM
    Love it!
  30. alexa:
    Dec 16-2010 , 12:12PM
    i wish for better health in 2011
  31. Ashley McCrea:
    Dec 16-2010 , 01:57PM
    Always a joy watching viewing your photos/blog/words. Happy Holidays!
  32. Dec 16-2010 , 02:47PM
    You're awesome and so is your blog. Found it about a month ago and so happy I did. I wish you lots of health and happiness. That's it ;)
  33. Susie Patton:
    Dec 16-2010 , 06:24PM
    My wish is for World Peace, End Hunger and Homelessness, To Help the Elderly and Everyone that a person Can, To donate to charities like St. Jude's, To Help another each and every day with random acts of Kindness........I also wish You another Fabulous Year with your Photos...you capture the moment in every photo you take....and I wish the Sweet Young Ladies, Kellie & Melissa much success in all of their sweet endeavors!
  34. Dec 16-2010 , 08:50PM
    Beautiful images of beautiful things!
  35. Dec 17-2010 , 10:35AM
    i wish... oh how i wish... for a quiet night with my hubby... just the two of us.
  36. thepricklypinecone:
    Dec 18-2010 , 05:27PM
    Oh my, I hope everyone suffering in this economy find happiness and hopefully a little more money!
  37. Jan 07-2011 , 01:31AM
    I know this has very little to do with the post, but that is one STUNNING jacket!