we have a little tradition in our house that i just love….
every christmas eve, right next to the cookies & milk for santa….
we also leave a little something for the reindeer, usually carrots….
my children love the idea of rudolf having a nibble in our house…

merry christmas eve…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. megan:
    Dec 24-2010 , 09:16PM
    my mom did that with my sister and i when we were little. i had completely forgotten about that until now.
  2. Alanna:
    Mar 01-2011 , 02:03PM
    My mom used to have us toss one out into the yard for rudolph, and she would cut it off and use a cheese grater to make it look like it had been gnawed by a reindeer.

    Love this!