wanna come hang with me in kentucky?

i am giving away two tickets to the WOW event in kentucky….
the 2 tickets get you entry into both
the WOW event & the Bridal Show
in lovely lexington kentucky
on sunday January 9th, 2010
you’ll get to hear presentations
from photographer ELIZABETH MESSINA (me)
& amazing floral designer JANIE from the BRIDES CAFE
as well as TARA GERRAD a wonderful event planner….
plus you get the ever so ¬†fabulous swag bag…..
so if you are in the mood for a little southern sweetness…
leave a comment & i’ll pick a winner soon…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 17-2010 , 11:28PM
    Your work inspires me everyday to dig deep and find what it is about I am truly trying to express in each frame. What a great holiday gift you are giving! Thank you!
  2. Dec 17-2010 , 11:30PM
    I really didn't mean to comment twice (now three times!) just approve one please so I don't look so brazen :)
  3. Dec 18-2010 , 12:29AM
    what a stunning stunning photo...
    actually, all your work is. i wish you would teach a workshop here in l.a.
    thanks for being an inspiration. :)
  4. Dec 18-2010 , 02:01AM
    PLEASE!!! Pick me! Pick me! I think I might just die if you pick me. But pick me anyway! :)
  5. Dec 18-2010 , 08:21AM
    I think you already know from my incessant emails and conversations that you are a HUGE inspiration to me and my husband... As I turn 30 this February ... I can't think of a better present than to start off this next phase of my life... I have to say the 20's definitely ended on a sweet note this year and I have you to thank for that...
  6. Dec 18-2010 , 09:19AM
    Wow, just wow! It's been a long time since I've been to KY (nearly 20 years!) plus getting to hear from the best? That'd be a great way to kick off the new year.
  7. Dec 18-2010 , 09:22AM
    I can't think of a more amazing giveaway. Sounds like a dream. I promise not to be entirely awe struck and mustard up the courage not to cry when seeing Elizabeth Messinas photos in person. Although no promises.
  8. Dec 18-2010 , 11:57AM
    Wow, this would mean so much to my girlfriend. You are one of her photographer icons1 I hope I take this home for her...
  9. Dec 18-2010 , 01:41PM
    it would be lovely to win <3
  10. Dec 18-2010 , 01:44PM
    I'd love to attend. I am from Lexington and this would be a great reason to return.
  11. Caitlin:
    Dec 18-2010 , 02:26PM
    This would be amazing! What a lovely giveaway!

    *fingers crossed*
  12. Dec 18-2010 , 02:28PM
    Would love the opportunity!
  13. Rebekah:
    Dec 18-2010 , 03:12PM
    I would love to take my future sister in law to this. She is planning her wedding and I have been helping along the way.
  14. Daniele:
    Dec 18-2010 , 04:09PM
    I would absolutely *love* to win!
  15. Dec 18-2010 , 04:11PM
    Please, please, please, I'm dying to learn more about the wedding industry. :)
  16. Dec 18-2010 , 06:04PM
    What a wonderful birthday gift this would be...
  17. Erin:
    Dec 18-2010 , 07:50PM
    Pick me, pick me! I love photography, and your's is my favorite (I check your site every day!). And I live in KY, so it would be a short trip!
  18. Dec 18-2010 , 10:35PM
    How exciting! What a great opportunity! Would love to experience this!!
  19. Dec 19-2010 , 12:36PM
    Mele Kalikimaka to y'all! Love to go to Kentucky and finally meet you and hear you speak! xoxo
  20. ashley roof:
    Dec 19-2010 , 12:42PM
    i have never been to the south! that would be so fun and amazing! your work inspires me everyday! <3
  21. Danielle Schoen:
    Dec 19-2010 , 02:08PM
    i would love love love to go to this event! thank you for offering such a wonderful opportunity to your fans!
  22. Elizabeth:
    Dec 19-2010 , 03:42PM
    I adore you and your work! It would be a pure delight to win!
  23. Jenilee:
    Dec 19-2010 , 06:39PM
    The giveaway sounds absolutely amazing!
  24. Dec 19-2010 , 06:59PM
    WOW! Count me in.... what an amazing opportunity!!! I hope to meet you someday soon (hopefully Jan 9!)!
  25. Dec 19-2010 , 07:24PM
    OOOh la la! I would love to go! I live in Maine and need to escape the snow... :)
  26. Jennifer:
    Dec 19-2010 , 10:10PM
    I would so love to experience this event! And, I've never even been to Kentucky, the state right above mine.
  27. Dec 19-2010 , 11:07PM
    It would be an utmost honor.
  28. Dec 19-2010 , 11:11PM
    Sigh! This sounds so dreamy!!! I would love to head south for a fabulous weekend listening to an amazing artist speak my love language!!!
  29. Dec 20-2010 , 02:10AM
    I'll already be there but thought I'd take the chance to say looking forward to meeting you. Love your work!

  30. Kendra:
    Dec 20-2010 , 03:27AM
    pick me!!!
  31. Dec 20-2010 , 08:05AM
    This would be a treat! Thank you!
  32. Dec 20-2010 , 09:58AM
    this would be so fantastic! i would love to win. :)
  33. Dec 20-2010 , 10:09AM
    If I won, you can forget the Kissing Tree, the Groom, and the Little Kisses. I would be doing the KISSING DANCE all the way to Kentucky!!! <3
  34. Dec 20-2010 , 01:26PM
    your pictures brighten up my day :-)
  35. Dec 20-2010 , 09:07PM
    me me me! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im in jamaica shooting a wedding, but ill be back in a couple days, i can make it to kentucky! yay! it would be so lovely.....
  36. Brittni T.:
    Dec 20-2010 , 09:35PM
    OOO it would be so amazing to win!!!! i need some help haha!!!!
  37. Sarah:
    Dec 21-2010 , 01:54AM
    I would love to meet you!!! This would be so fun and inspiring.
  38. Dec 21-2010 , 10:18AM
    Aw man, I'm not currently in the market for wedding gear, (but my bf says we are ooooh so close; proposal will be complete surprise he says) but it would be cool to have this crash course in all of it. Plus I love event planning. Don't what it takes to get picked, but if I have what you're looking for, I'd be honored.

  39. Dec 21-2010 , 04:01PM
    Umm...Kentucky? Photography? Cool photographer's & speakers?

    YES PLEASE! :)
  40. Dec 21-2010 , 06:15PM
    Oh, my! Oh, my! This would be the very best gift under my tree this year. I would LOVE to hang with you in Kentucky! :-)
  41. Dec 21-2010 , 09:43PM
    that would be lovely.. SIGH
  42. Dec 21-2010 , 11:32PM
    I would love love love to go! This sounds like an amazing event!
  43. Dec 22-2010 , 02:48PM
    Oh goodness gracious, I would LOVE to attend and meet one of my favorite people = you.
  44. Dec 22-2010 , 02:51PM
    Would love to join.... even all the way from Portland, Oregon!!!
  45. Dec 22-2010 , 05:30PM
    Me me me me!
  46. Dec 27-2010 , 06:52AM
    oh pick me...pick me pick me....please!!!!
  47. Dec 27-2010 , 10:19PM
    Would be a dream to win!
  48. Dec 29-2010 , 01:49PM
    We are honored to have you in are humble little state to show us the path to more kisses! :)