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  1. Abigail:
    Nov 10-2010 , 02:58PM
    This is incredible. I am a huge fan of your work, but this hast to be one of my top five favorites.
  2. Nov 10-2010 , 03:56PM
    Most of the times, we just look on what's on the surface. Yet this should not mean that we can already set aside what we wear underneath those lovely gowns and formal suits.
  3. Nov 10-2010 , 05:03PM
    Fabulous shoes!! The brides I mean!!
  4. Nov 10-2010 , 07:33PM
    I fell in love with the bride's shoes! Chic and glam!
  5. Nov 11-2010 , 10:53AM
    Great gams! I know what lovely lady those are attached to. :D Congrats!!!
  6. Nov 11-2010 , 11:33PM
    I really love her Badgley Mishka's Randee shoes.
  7. Nov 14-2010 , 03:08PM
    Creative pic! Good old argyle socks. Great shoes!