when i close my eyes and wish….

i usually wish that i will be present enough in my life to appreciate all of the beauty….i am thankful for the most unexpected things….i am thankful for the hard days full of impossible deadlines & laundry….i am thankful for all the tears i’ve cried & all the lessons i’ve learned…i am thankful to the friends who are tenacious enough to hang in there through my ever changing moods….life is everything i never expected & more….i was sitting yesterday with a lovely friend of mine going through an intense health hurdle (she recently had a double mastectomy & is about to begin chemotherapy)…i had such an urge to take care of her….yet it was she who served me tea & had me laughing so hard my sides hurt….her strength is paled only by her wicked sense of humor & endless intuitive joy….i am so thankful for her….she taught me more about being a woman & the depths of beauty during an afternoon tea than any other time in my life….and so as this day begins (my kitchen already a mess & i haven’t even begun cooking), it feels like one of those days….it will be an epic unorganized thanksgiving….i am in my night gown & ugg boots, sipping the strongest coffee ever….and i wish to be present enough to appreciate the beauty of this extremely un-perfect moment….may everyone be blessed with full bellies & full hearts….good health & a healthy sense of humor….& patience & generosity & kindness & love….& kisses…as ever lots of kisses….


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nov 25-2010 , 09:27AM
    One of the many things I'm thankful for is knowing wonderful artists like you. Your words and photos are so beautiful, they inspire me to keep working. Even when it's hard, there's always beauty in that.
  2. Nov 25-2010 , 09:52AM
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  3. Nov 25-2010 , 10:53AM
    Thank you for sharing this with us. Beautiful.
  4. Nov 25-2010 , 01:55PM
    Thank you for this post! Your words pierced my heart today "she taught me more about being a women and the depth of beauty". The purest beauty is that of a caring heart, even when in pain.
  5. Nov 25-2010 , 07:21PM
    AMEN. I've had a year of these days, and it seems every one of them brings me to my knees, and when I feel i'm there out of hopelessness, I realize I'm down there because the chaotic beauty of it all is so much more than I could ever be, and I'm being humbled in it's presence.
  6. Nov 26-2010 , 09:06AM
    Beautifully said... as always...
  7. Nov 26-2010 , 03:24PM
    I love your honesty so very much. While your images are absolutely gorgeous, your words are always so consoling and so full of truth. What a blessing that you combine both amazing photos and phenomenal words!
  8. Nov 26-2010 , 07:19PM
    you are an amazing artist! I love how you are embracing the *imperfectness of it all...beautiful.
  9. Nov 27-2010 , 11:25AM
    What great thoughts. And your photography is gorgeous. :)