my sweet little baby girl is four years old….
i can’t call her jasmine because she recently
informed me that she’s changed her name to
“sprinkles”, i am in awe of this little amazing
lovely strong sassy sweet child of mine….
i am utterly at a loss for words…..
happy birthday baby….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nov 09-2010 , 09:58AM
    Jasmine, I mean Sprinkles is gorgeous...happy birthday and may she have a 100 more! xo
  2. Nov 09-2010 , 11:01AM
    happy birthday Sprinkles!! xoxo from baby maika....
  3. Nov 09-2010 , 11:36AM
    She is so freakin cute!!
  4. Nov 09-2010 , 02:06PM
    I love that her new name is Sprinkles - so cute!
  5. Nov 09-2010 , 04:22PM
  6. Nov 09-2010 , 06:18PM
    LOVE!! Sprinkles is just fabulous!
  7. Nov 10-2010 , 10:56AM
    Sprinkles is picture perfect!
  8. Nov 10-2010 , 04:22PM
    I so badly wish I could have you photograph my daughter for her 1st birthday!
  9. Nov 13-2010 , 07:16PM
    Sprinkles is a peach...and I love her name (both of them).
  10. Nov 14-2010 , 06:26PM
    hello there!
    i saw your beautiful feature in artful blogging...such and honor to be in the same issue with you.
    and as for "sprinkles" omgoodness she is gorgeous. i am familiar with curls like that. ; )
    nice to meet you.xo
  11. Nov 15-2010 , 12:41PM
    Just LOVE LOVE LOVE your work ans spirit as well!!
  12. Nov 16-2010 , 07:17PM
    Adorbable, and I love the name Sprinkles!!