a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nov 04-2010 , 01:58PM
    Oh my goodness - that light is incredible!
  2. Nov 04-2010 , 03:23PM
    love this, sorry i don't have some deep comment....just love.
  3. Nov 04-2010 , 07:09PM
    ooohhh...can't wait to see this new shop/website. love that photo too...
  4. Nov 05-2010 , 10:25AM
    Sometimes it's aaaaalll about the shoes! I love this shot - perfect amount of pretty to get me through the day!
  5. Nov 05-2010 , 12:08PM
    I adore this photo. Great! I like that it isn't touched up.
  6. Nov 08-2010 , 09:22PM
    I want these shoes in every color!